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Defining Service Dependencies for NiceWatch


NiceWatch can run as a service application. Service application will start up as soon as system boot without any user intervention necessary. No one has log into the system to run NiceWatch. Occasionally, you want to delay service start because it might depend on some other service. If that other service is not available, the dependent service cannot start.

For example, NiceWatch is running on the same server as the Enterprise Print Manager (EPM). Upon server reboot NiceWatch service will startup faster than the EPM, which is Web-based application and relies on the IIS server and MS SQL server. If EPM is not available when NiceWatch requests a license key from it, NiceWatch will run in demo mode.

To prevent running NiceWatch in a demo mode, you can delay NiceWatch startup by enabling service dependencies. Until IIS and MS SQL are running, NiceWatch service will delay its startup.


To enable service dependencies for NiceWatch do the following:

  1. If NiceWatch is configured to run as service, disable service mode. Configure NiceWatch to run as normal application.
  2. Stop NiceWatch server.
  3. Close NiceWatch manager and Services dialog box (if opened).
  4. Start Registry Editor.
  5. Open the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EuroPlus\NiceWatch Server\5.0\Preferences
    Note: If you have 64-bit Windows operating system, the key name is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\EuroPlus\NiceWatch\5.0\Preferences
  6. Add the string value named Service Dependencies.
  7. For the value enter names of other services that NiceWatch service must rely on. You must know the name of the service. You can get it from the Services dialog box.
    1. Open the dialog box with system services: usually Start -> Administrative Tools -> Services.
    2. Open the properties of the service that NiceWatch should depend on.
    3. Copy its name.
    4. Paste it as value into Service Dependencies.
    5. If you want NiceWatch service to depend on several other services, delimit the names with comma (,). E.g. if you want NiceWatch to depend on the IIS server and MS SQL Server Express, the value for Service Dependencies will be W3SVC, MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS, SPOOLER.
  8. Configure NiceWatch to run in service mode (NiceWatch Manager -> Tools -> Register Service).
  9. If you open properties of NiceWatch service (in Services dialog box), the defined dependencies will be listed in the Dependencies tab.

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