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Changing printer driver settings in NiceLabel or the default printer properties in Control Panel


Each label in NiceLabel is connected to the selected printer and designed for this printer. Each printer has its own properties such as resolution, ability to print internal fonts and internal bar codes, support for additional memory cards, etc. 

When you create a brand new label, you connect it with a printer driver. NiceLabel reads your printer's default settings and uses them on your label. These settings are stored inside your label file and read with every opening of your label. Even if you change the default settings for your printer while designing your labels, previously designed and saved labels preserve their settings from the time of creation.


You can set the default settings in your printer preferences for every printer. All settings you change become default settings for this printer and apply with every new label. You can later modify the default settings in NiceLabel and store them with each label.

If you change the printer connected to the label with another printer, some of the settings from the first printer apply to the new printer. If both printers are of the same brand, most of the settings will apply to your new printer. If some settings cannot be transferred to the new printer, NiceLabel uses the default settings.

You can choose how NiceLabel handles your printer settings. Each label can store individual printer driver settings, or each label can recall default settings from your printer driver. To change the mode how printer driver uses settings:

  1. Open your label.
  2. On Home tab click Document Properties icon.
  3. Go to Printer tab.
  4. To save all printer settings in the label select Printer Driver in Use printer properties saved in: drop down menu. To recall all printer settings from the driver, select Label.

If you change your printer settings in NiceLabel, the changes will reflect whenever you open the label, and these changes apply to this label only.

If you change the printer settings in the driver (in Printer Properties dialog box), the changes do not apply to already designed labels The changes apply when you design a new label.

When are settings from the printer driver applied to the label?

When you use the Printer Driver option, NiceLabel software loads the printer settings when the label is loaded.

NiceLabel checks the changes to your settings in your printer driver before each print, so you do not have to restart any application.

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