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Cannot print labels using Web Printing feature inside Control Center, or cannot access Document Storage from the clients


When you want to print labels on the Web using Web Printing feature in the Control Center, the procedure fails and no labels print out. You also cannot get any file (label, form, image) from the Document Storage.

You may see the following message when you use Web printing:

An error occurred while getting variables from the label: Label file cannot be opened.

The problem is caused by the old version of necessary WebDAV (Web folders) support files. During the installation of NiceLabel Control Center installer verifies the current version of Web folders support files, and prompts you to make the upgrade, if the version is too old. You did not make the necessary update and that makes the Document Storage (and consecutively Web printing) inaccessible.


You must install WebDAV support on all clients that need to have access to the Document Storage. This includes workstations with NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop installed, server with NiceLabel Automation, or the Control Center computer itself (if you plan to use Web Printing feature).

For details, please refer to the Knowledge Base article KB157.

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