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Cannot get data from two or more spreadsheets of the same Excel 2007 data file


When you create a database connection from NiceLabel Pro or NiceForm to the spreadsheet in Excel 2007 all is well for the first connection. However, if you want to create additional database link to another spreadsheet in the same Excel 2007 file (.XLSX), the connection might fail with the error message:

This file is in use.
Enter a new name or close the file that's open in another program.

Excel 2007 The file is in use



If you use NiceLabel Pro, there is a quick workaround. It involves the live display of the Excel data on the label. If you design your labels in a Data View mode, NiceLabel opens a connection to the Excel and that prevents additional connection with the same Excel file. To solve the problem, you have to disable the Data View on the label and switch to the Normal View that does not display live data from Excel.

Do the following:

  1. Open your label in NiceLabel Pro.
  2. Select View -> Normal view.



If you want to see the live data in NiceLabel Pro, or you want to create a database link to two spreadsheets in the same Excel file in NiceForm, do the following:

  1. Start Excel 2007.
  2. Open the data file (.XLSX) that contains spreadsheet that you want to use from NiceLabel Pro or NiceForm.
  3. Start NiceLabel Pro and create database links, or start NiceForm and create database links.
  4. Because Excel 2007 is running in the background, you can create two connections to the same data file.
  5. You must run Excel 2007 only during the label/form design time. Once you have two database links made, you can close Excel 2007 and NiceLabel will still be able to reach data from both spreadsheets.

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