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Can not read the FORMATS.DEF file from the C:\Program Files\EuroPlus\NiceLabel\Bin\ folder


The error saying "Can not read FORMATS.DEF file from the C:\Program Files\EuroPlus\NiceLabel\Bin\ folder" appears during startup of the NiceLabel program.


NiceLabel tries to locate the required file FORMATS.DEF but it is not found.

It is possible that the installation of NiceLabel software did not finish completely and some files are missing or you do not have the correct access permissions to the NiceLabel System folder.

Please verify the following:

  • Do you have the file FORMATS.DEF available in the following folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\EuroPlus\NiceLabel <version>\System, or
C:\ProgramData\EuroPlus\NiceLabel <version>\System

If the file does not exist here NiceLabel installation is not complete. In this case uninstall NiceLabel software and install it again.

  • What is the value for the 'SYSTEM DIRECTORY' in the registry key

For 32-bit Windows:


For 64-bit Windows:


The value must point to the NiceLabel System folder (specified above). If the value is anything else, the installation of NiceLabel software is corrupt. Please uninstall NiceLabel and install it again.

  • The folder mentioned in point 1 is NiceLabel System folder. It must be accessible in full mode to all users that will run NiceLabel software (not just 'read/write' permissions, but also 'delete' and 'modify' permissions must be granted).

Most probably you have problems because of the fact that NiceLabel System folder is not accessible to the users in full mode. NiceLabel software is mainly installed in the c:\Program Files folder structure. But Windows policy prevents the applications to write to that folder structure. That's why NiceLabel uses the folder structure under c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\... where the data can be modified.

  • If you use Multi-user NiceLabel product, make sure you have full access to the System folder on the network. This is the location where you installed 'server part' of NiceLabel Multi-user installation.

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