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Can I use NiceDrivers on Windows Vista?


Windows Vista operating system introduced new security settings that prevent the full file access to system folders for regular user. The Windows system becomes more robust and security aware. However, the developers must update the existing drivers for hardware devices.

NiceDrivers store some of the internal parameters and user selection in the configuration files. Unfortunately, Vista prevents full file access to these configuration files for regular users. Some of NiceDriver's functionalities cannot be used, as Vista prevents the driver saving the data to the file.

This is the list of limited features in the NiceDriver's Printing Preferences for version 4.3.0X when you use Vista as regular user. All these features store their settings in the configuration files. When you try to use such feature, NiceDriver will alert you that you need administrative permissions to use the selected feature.

  • Label Stocks
  • Command Fonts
  • Bar code Fonts
  • Memory Card Organizer (features requiring write to disk - install, update, uninstall)
  • Export of driver settings (when the user selects the folder protected by Vista)
  • Language selection

Note: Newer version of NiceDrivers store more data into the Registry, bypassing the local configuration files.

Note: You can define the driver properties twice. First for the device properties, second for the document properties. The document properties are valid on the document (label) level and allow you to define properties like printing speed, darkness or media type. These settings can be stored withing the label file and also automatically applied on some other computer where you open such label.

While device properties allow you to define also parameters like label stocks, command fonts and bar code fonts. This includes features not directly linked with the document (label), but printer driver in general. These settings cannot be stored with the label, and are defined on particular computer, when you set them up. You cannot manage the device properties from the applications (like NiceLabel), you must change them directly in the printer driver (within Printers and Faxes dialog box).


Temporary workaround: Update to NiceDrivers v4.3.04 or newer.
If you have the administrative access rights to the computer, all features are available to you. If you do not have administrative access rights, there is a workaround already built into Vista, as Microsoft had such transition problems in mind. You can right-click the printer driver and select Run as administrator -> Printing Preferences. The preferences dialog box will open with administrative permissions, and NiceDriver will be able to store data to configuration files.

Permanent solution: NiceDrivers v4.3.55 and above. This version stores some configuration data for label stocks, command fonts and bar code fonts to Windows Registry, no longer to configuration files so local users and remote users (connecting to the shared printer driver) can access the data.

Download the latest NiceDrivers.

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