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Bar codes do not print when using bar code fonts in NiceDriver


The problem seems to originate in Windows operating system itself. By default the proper code page is not selected and this causes wrong bar code printout. You have to manually choose the appropriate code page when printing labels.

This is easy to achieve in WordPad (simplified version of MS Word that is part of Windows installation). After selecting the proper NiceDriver (so that internal bar codes become available to the WordPad), marking the bar code data and setting it into proper bar code font, you have to select the proper setting for code page. This property can be set in a combo box just next to the combo box for selecting font size.

If NiceDriver is selected, then this combo box has an empty value by default. You have to set some value to this box. It should not be empty. Choose the appropriate value from the list.


The same problem applies to MS Word. There seems not to be any functionality to change the code page in Word. But there is a workaround to print the bar code properly.

  1. Create a new Word document and connect it with TSC printer, so internal printer fonts become available.
  2. Type in the bar code data and set it to proper internal bar code font.
  3. Save the document.
  4. This step is vital. Close this document and also close Word application.
  5. Start Word once again and load the previously created document.
  6. The internal bar code should now be printed as requested. When Word re-starts it will refresh driver-related information and enable printing of internal bar code fonts

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