Attention apparel and garment retailers!

In the race to adapt your internal operations to the increasing demands for faster delivery and quicker time-to-market, don’t overlook one of the most business-critical systems in your company: your ticketing system.

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Apparel and garment retailers who have transformed
ticketing and tagging

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Neiman Marcus NiceLabel

Webinar: How Neiman Marcus transformed ticketing for a faster time to market

For Neiman Marcus, speed to market is a top priority. Supply chain agility is key to its competitive advantage and keeping pace with rapidly changing customer preferences. As part of a warehousing system modernization, Neiman Marcus transformed its ticketing process with a label management system.

Hear Neiman Marcus describe how streamlined ticketing delivered these benefits:

  • Accelerated ticketing
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Minimized supply costs

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Transforming ticketing operations and a faster time-to-market

Download Retail case study from NiceLabel

How an omni-channel retailer processes product returns faster and moves inventory more quickly to achieve $48 million in additional annual profit.

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The key to reducing costs
and increasing time-to-market

An apparel/garment manufacturer has eliminated custom IT development required for different markets, saving $45,000 in each market.

Source: AV Consulting research

A retailer has reduced labor costs due to labeling process improvement in the warehouse to achieve $100,000 annual savings.

Source: AV Consulting research

An omni-channel retailer processes product returns faster and moves inventory more quickly to achieve $48 million in additional annual profit.

Source: AV Consulting research


Digitally transform ticketing for more agile operations

How we help

NiceLabel’s label management software digitally transforms your ticketing, enabling you to create a more agile ticketing process.
Here’s how our LMS can help your business.

Moving inventory

To move inventory from one warehouse to another, or from one market to another, you need a flexible ticket printing process, where you can print tickets from any location. With our LMS’ web printing capabilities, you can manage pricing centrally and deploy pricing and other changes in real-time. The print client is deployed via a web browser, so no admin or IT support is required. You can instantly deploy standardized printing to stores, distribution centers and across the supply chain.

Processing returns

Returns are an unavoidable part of the retail business, particularly with the rise of eCommerce. Now it’s just a question of how quickly you can process returns and get the products back on the racks where they can be sold. Our LMS lets you handle all ticketing and label production from one system. By integrating our LMS with your business systems, you can quickly locate orders, re-print labels or tickets from any printer and get returned products back on the rack for sell.

Brand consistency and protection

Your business users can create brand-compliant tags using our flexible, universal templates. The built-in label designer supports RFID and other features that can help you build anti-counterfeiting measures into your tags. The LMS’ built-in document management system digitizes the approval process, preventing unauthorized changes from creeping into the production environment. It keeps a record of all ticket and tag changes, as well as an entire print history.

Optimizing print performance

Our flexible LMS lets you choose the print setup that suits your environment, whether it’s printing tickets manually or via your warehouse management system (WMS). Using the system’s built-in application builder, you can create printing forms that automate existing business rules and customer requirements. By automating these rules, you optimize print performance and save valuable time in the ticket printing process. Using the integration system, you can integrate ticket printing with your POS or WMS, connecting printing directly with existing master data. As our system is built for high volume printing, it can meet the demands of fast-paced retail environments. For example, one of our retail customers printed 1 million labels on Black Friday in 3 hours and 55 minutes. On average, 71 print requests where handled per second. Another international retailer prints 7.2 billion tags a year.

Creating an integrated IT environment

Our LMS fits seamlessly into your existing IT environment, integrating with your existing business systems. We have proven partnerships with the major WMS and ERP suppliers, such as Manhattan, JDA and SAP. And our LMS works with any printer, so there’s no need to go out and invest in new hardware. Using the built-in integration system, you can also use mobile hardware, such as RF guns, mobile computers and mobile “hip” printers. By choosing our LMS, you choose a system that can work with your IT environment today, and in the future.

Legacy system modernization

Our Professional Service Group can go in and modernize legacy systems, replicating and streamlining your existing ticket printing process so you get the most efficient process possible. The LMS’ built-in application builder enables you to design and build your legacy system replacement, including data management and printing applications. Based on our “configure, don’t code” approach, the application builder makes it easy and cost-effective for you to modernize your ticketing system.

Supply chain optimization

With our LMS, you can extend a standardized ticket printing process to external suppliers. Suppliers can print tickets locally, while you maintain centralized control of all ticket and pricing information. You can deploy ticket changes, such as price adjustments, in real-time, and maintain an overview of all tickets printed. This ensures a standardized printing process regardless of the printers they have in place. You have the flexibility to place ticketing anywhere in the supply chain, without worrying about inaccurate tickets.

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Get help to develop a global, unified ticketing system

Download Retail case study from NiceLabel

An international off-price retailer had a legacy ticketing system that had become too expensive and difficult to maintain. They turned to NiceLabel to help them develop a global, unified ticketing system that could enable their distribution centers to process goods more quickly and efficiently. Find out how they were able to modernize their ticketing process.

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Why choose us

We work with the widest range of printers

  • No need to change your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Minimal upfront investment
  • Smooth implementation process

We integrate with the widest range of business systems

  • POS, WMS - we work with and integrate with them all
  • We optimize the existing workflows to make them faster and more efficient
  • We work with you to identify areas for automation and streamlining to give you the most agile ticketing operation

We work wherever you do your ticketing

  • In the warehouse
  • In the distribution center
  • In the store
  • In external suppliers (ticketing agents and bureaus, product suppliers, printing agents)

We offer a flexible, no-training-needed solution

  • Our LMS is available as an on-premise and cloud solution, so you can choose the installation that fits your operational setup.
  • Our browser-based software requires no installation or IT support. It’s designed to be used by business users with little or no programming and designer training.
  • Our pre-made templates accommodate a wide range of industry standards and international formats.
  • Our Role-based access system ensures that only authorized employees can change or edit tags.
  • Our Complete tag print history ensures that you can quickly locate the source of any tag errors.


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