Smarter supply-chain label printing operations

Logistical label printing

Transportation and logistical labeling

Worldwide, thousands of warehousing and transport operations use NiceLabel solutions every day, confident in the knowledge that their equipment and systems will help deliver on their service promise.

NiceLabel solutions open up many opportunities for supply-chain operations to improve their processes. With barcoding or RFID technologies, if the goal is to improve productivity, accuracy, quality and flexibility, NiceLabel can print and deliver.

Typical label applications for supply chain


Logistical label printing

  • Receiving
  • Putaway
  • Cross-docking
  • Picking
  • Inventory location
  • Shipping
  • Delivery
  • Receipts
  • Invoicing
  • Collection


Though these operations are varied, they share common process activities such as receiving goods, inventory management, work-inprogress and asset-tracking of product.

Whatever the sector, NiceLabel label printing solutions have been developed to speak the language of supply chain.

Typical label applications in the warehouse


Inbound goods require goods receipt, bulk breakdown, item labels and labels for the processing of returns.


Generating and applying shipping labels at receipt minimises handling and speeds up inventory turnaround.

Inventory location

Labelling every put away location with good-quality bar-code labels helps to minimise errors.


Scanning the bar-code labels on the goods and at the putaway locations ensures inventory accuracy.


Generating pick labels, packing labels and pallet manifests ensures greater accuracy of pick operations.


Production of shipping labels and consignment labels allows tracking of goods after they leave the warehouse.

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