Improve patient safety, comfort and staff efficiency

NiceLabel's label design and printing solutions are used to improve safety, comfort and efficiency at every stage of a patient’s hospital journey. Bar codes are being used to help reduce identification mistakes as well as to speed up hospital processes from admission to discharge.

NiceLabel patient identification solutions are the first step of many patient-safety initiatives. Incorporating bar codes or RFID tags in addition to text provides a vital extra safeguard against mistaken identity errors, and governments are increasingly going as far as to demand bar code wristband identification in all of their hospitals.

Medical records which include a printed bar code label are a more reliable way of ensuring that each patient’s record is uniquely identified and tracked.

healthcare labeling

How one healthcare company streamlined labeling processes

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healthcare labeling

NiceLabel is used around the world to provide dependable and accurate identification in the following areas:

  • Patient identification
  • Blood-bag allocation labels
  • Healthcare estate management, e.g. equipment inventories, preventative maintenance
  • Laboratory specimens
  • Medical records
  • Pharmacy labels
  • Staff identification
  • Supply-chain management of materials 

Blood transfusions

Blood transfusions are a high risk-area, where inaccurate identification can lead to potentially fatal errors. Blood bags are routinely bar-coded with their type. Adding a label with the intended patient’s details enables additional safety checks to be made automatically before the blood is administered.

Laboratory samples and pharmaceuticals

Laboratory sample identification is performed accurately with NiceLabel solutions at the patient’s bedside, at the nurses’ station or in the laboratory.

Medication administration can be both time-consuming and risky. The hospital pharmacy can print unit-of-use bar code labels for all issued pharmaceuticals to provide a full audit trail.

Bar codes and printed labels: reduce administration time & increase safety

When a bar-coded patient-identification system is introduced into the hospital, not only does it reduce errors and the associated costs of correcting them, but it also brings many other advantages. By moving to an automated data-entry and verification system, many administration tasks are speeded up and simplified so that staff can spend more time with the patients and less time dealing with paperwork. Such systems also improve overall visibility by providing real-time information on specimens, tests and results.

Printer management: monitor and control printer populations

Leveraging the power of centralized management console, the healthcare IT staff can deploy, manage and monitor all label printers in the organization printers centrally from a single PC with an internet connection. The installation and configuration are quick, out of the box, and management is quick and simple with advanced filtering support and a central repository of labeling files. NiceLabel delivers a reduction of IT time, costs and more printer uptime.

How one healthcare company streamlined labeling processes

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