Do you need advanced solutions for your complex label printing needs? Do you require rich label design options, database access options, data processing features or even more? Should your labels be compliant to industry specific standards as well...

Get everything you need in one package. It couldn't be simpler! Try out the most advanced labeling software - NiceLabel.

Advanced database connectivity from multiple sources

User friendly Database Wizard, built-in query builder or even a custom SQL scripting are available to retrieve data from any database. Let it be a plain ASCII text file, Excel spreadsheet or enterprise database (like Oracle or SQL Server), there are no limitations to connectivity options.

Furthermore, NiceData - a powerful database manager - allows you to manage all your database tables (with article or customer data for example).

Design and print multi-lingual labels by using Unicode support in NiceLabel

NiceLabel offers you a complete Unicode based multi-lingual printing solution (PDF PDF 396 kb), that enables you to create labels while reducing implementation and production costs.

Optimal printing on any thermal printer

Label production with NiceLabel can be performed using one or more printers, either local or network connected. Although any printer with a Windows driver can be used, specially developed NiceDrivers are used for a high-quality, speed-efficient printing on industrial printers. And to boost your printing performance, you can use NiceMemMaster - font and graphics download utility.

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Connected Features and Benefits

  • Wealth of advanced label design options and powerful tools, that give you the complete solution for all needs 
  • Fully compliant to all bar code, database and graphics standards
  • Unicode support for multi-lingual label design and printing
  • Support for all Windows printers, plus high performance thermal transfer printing

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