Brezšivna integracija tiskanja etiket in računov z aplikacijami .NET

NiceLabel .NET SDK

The NiceLabel .NET Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a simple, reliable and rapid means of integrating barcode label and receipt printing into your Visual Studio applications. The SDK reduces the complexities of label and receipt printing to a few lines of code. Now you can have smart universal templates that are portable across thousands of printers.

NiceLabel .NET SDK is the easiest way to add professional label and receipt printing to your .NET applications.



In versions [of our software] up until now, we found that the slow speed of printing the labels via the Windows printer drivers meant that we had to hand code our labels in the printer's own language and communicate directly with the printer through either the parallel or serial port. This meant that adding any new printer to our list of supported printers was a very labour intensive process.

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Add labeling to your .NET application with a few lines of code

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Features at a glance

  • Maximum performance.
  • Built-in support for industry labeling standards.
  • Label preview within your application.
  • Technology proven with 500.000+ companies.
  • Reliable even in the most demanding environments.

The only 100% managed .NET labeling library

NiceLabel SDK comes as a set of managed.NET DLL’s which you simply include and reference with your application. The SDK has been architected from the ground up on the .NET platform so it will integrate seamlessly with your .NET applications without having to deal with legacy unmanaged code.

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Licensed and packaged for developers

The NiceLabel SDK gets packaged with your application. Your users do not need to install any third party software or even a label designer. We do not count the number of printers your application prints to, so you have unlimited printer support with simple and reliable licensing.

Superior performance with minimum system resources

NiceLabel SDK was designed with modern multi-core processors in mind. It comes with multi-threading support out of the box to easily deliver the best possible performance on any hardware. 

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