AppForum 2017: NiceLabel is changing the game for printing from mobile computers

9. Jun. 2017

NiceLabel is holding a keynote session at Zebra Technologies’ EMEA AppForum 2017 in Prague, bringing together tech leaders and developers from across the globe, passionate about innovation, collaboration and transforming the enterprise world.

EMEA AppForum 2017 takes place at Andel’s by Vienna House, Prague, June 14th  - 16th 2017 and is regarded as the must attend event for tech leaders and developers interested in taking their technical skills and knowledge to the next level.

At the event, NiceLabel will demonstrate how it is changing the game for printing from mobile computers. In the keynote session »Next Generation Printing for Android Developers«, Miso Duplancic, Head of Product Management at NiceLabel, will explain how to rapidly create and print labels from Android applications and how to take advantage of this new way to create label and document printing applications. Labeling intelligence that was previously only possible from a PC application, is now available for mobile computer application.

More than ever before, companies are adopting a next generation approach to labeling. This transformation is being driven by the kind of synergies that came into play with Zebra’s joining of the mobile computer and printing ecosystems. NiceLabel adds to that synergy by providing the software glue that connects mobile computers to the printer world. In the process, NiceLabel allows ISVs to create greater value more quickly by streamlining and modernizing labeling, while enabling them to focus on the core added value they create with their applications,” said Ken Moir, VP Marketing at NiceLabel.

To learn more about NiceLabel’s next generation label management systems for business and enterprise, stop by the NiceLabel booth at the AppForum or visit