NiceLabel SE for Primera

NiceLabel SE is the most basic application in the NiceLabel product range. You received it to start designing barcode labels for your printer, using all your existing designs and make labeling more efficient.

If you only need to design a few labels, NiceLabel SE will be enough to get started. If you have many products, you could end up with hundreds of label files. A better approach is to store label data in an Excel spreadsheet and use one universal template for all labels.

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Spend less time designing labels

NiceLabel Designer Express allows you to connect your template to an Excel spreadsheet. The user interface of NiceLabel Designer Express is very similar to NiceLabel SE. You can use your existing designs and convert them to a template.

Watch the video to learn how easy it is to design a template and print labels with data stored in Excel spreadsheets.

Design labels in minutes

NiceLabel Designers let you easily create standard compliance, customer specific or your proprietary barcode label templates. A library of predefined designs, 70 barcode symbologies, extensive clip art gallery and a point-and-click interface will help you finish quality designs in no time.

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Simplify your labeling process

Reduce the complexity and costs of labeling like hundreds of thousands of businesses in all industries. Get in touch with our industry specialist to help you optimize your labeling process.

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NiceLabel Designers Feature Comparison

NiceLabel SE is the most basic application in the NiceLabel product range. Learn how our other designers can help you connect labels to your existing databases, increase label accuracy, avoid human error and much more.

 NiceLabel SEDesigner ExpressDesigner Pro
Graphical designer for text, barcodes, lines, boxes, shapes and images X X X
Support for all printer drivers (NiceLabel and Windows printer drivers)   X X
Use Excel as a database for variables and design many less labels   X X
Database connectivity (connect to your existing data)     X
Print only module to avoid human error     X
Customizable print form to reduce errors and increase efficency     X
Rich and curved text, auto fit, grouping, relative positioning     X
Full serialization, custom check digits, global variables, output masks, scripting     X
Multiple database connections and SQL queries     X
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