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The application startup is becoming slower at each run


When you run NiceLabel Express or NiceLabel Pro it takes more and more time to start it up. Progressively the time to startup the application increases with time.


NiceLabel Express and NiceLabel Pro v4 include a component that logs its activity into the user's temporary folder (identified by the Windows variable %temp%). Adding new data to the log file at each startup will slow down NiceLabel software.

  1. Go to the temporary folder for your user profile.
  2. The folder is identified by internal variable 'temp'. Use the following command in the system console to go to the folder:

    cd %temp%
  3. Delete the files in the folder

If using NiceLabel v4 specially make sure to delete the file Ncheck Debug.txt. Contact the Technical Support for the updated component NCHECK that will cease logging to this file.


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