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PTI label printing

Effective January 1st 2014, all of Walmart produce suppliers were required to use case labels compliant with the Product Traceability Initiative standard.

  • Suppliers can meet PTI case labeling requirements
  • NiceLabel includes a pre-designed PTI label
  • Use the supplied voice pick code inside the label template
  • Customize and personalize label designs for your company
  • Drive any printer of your choice
Free PTI Labels

Print free PTI compliant labels

You're welcome to use our free online PTI label printing application. You'll need the following information for your PTI product labels:

  • GTIN, lot and packing date
  • Product type and description
  • Product weight and packer identification
  • Supplier and tracking ID numbers

Voice Pick Code

PTI hopes to achieve full traceability of produce, at the case level, from source to store. Use of the voice pick code permits warehouses to reach near-perfect traceability without significant productivity or equipment cost impact.

  • The free online PTI solution automatically generates the VoicePick code
  • The code is calculated from GTIN, lot and pack date information
  • The VoicePick code automatically regenerates any time you change the above values
Voice Pick Code

Print online or download your solution

You can use our online printing application print to any locally installed printer. Alternatively, you can download our PTI compliant solution to your local system, and connect it to your product database.

  • Quick compliant online printing
  • Connect the local solution to your product information database
  • Fewer manual entry fields reduce the human error in printing


Free PTI Cloud Label Printing

See how to print compliant Produce Traceability labels free from a web browser.

PTI Label Design Breakdown

NiceLabel offers both case and pallet label templates for produce traceability compliance

PowerForms Webinar

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Free PTI label printing

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