Add label printing to your Web application with a few lines of code

NiceLabel Web API helps you add label printing functionality to your Web applications in a few hours.

Control the data flow using a simple API. Management is as simple as it can be as you can design universal label templates with a graphical designer. The universal templates work across all printer models. 

NiceLabel Web API uses unique client-side processing and local printer drivers to generate print streams. This provides maximum performance and scalability, real-time label preview and simplified maintenance.

Features at a glance

  • Maximum performance.
  • Real-time label preview within your application.
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment.
  • Easily scalable to thousands of users without compromising stability.
  • No client-side desktop software installation.
WebSDK for label printing unmatched performance

Web interface, desktop performance

NiceLabel Web API uses client-side processing and local printer drivers to generate the print stream. This brings some unique benefits not available with any other Web technology: rich user experience, dektop performance and central control with minimum maintenance.

  • Real-time label preview.
  • Maximum performance - immediate first label out.
  • Unlimited scalability without additional hardware infrastructure.
  • No need for server-side printer driver installation and maintenance.
  • Minimum network traffic ensures high performance even in slow environments.

Central template management.
Local printer management.

Instead of manually hard-coding label templates in printer specific language, use the graphical designer to create universal templates. These universal templates can be used on any kind of printer. You can centrally manage the templates within your application or use the NiceLabel Control Center that includes document repository, workflows and other enterprise label lifecycle management features.

Printer driver settings are managed by the user locally. This means you don't need to install and maintain drivers on the Web server.

Add labeling to your Web application with a few lines of code

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