NiceLabel Desktop SuiteEasily automate and control label printing from existing systems

NiceLabel Automation Easy is the fastest way to deploy accurate and consistent label printing without costly custom development.

Simply connect your label printers to your existing software applications and hardware devices. No customization needed.

Send existing label data through one of the many available connectivity methods to NiceLabel Automation Easy. It will extract the label data, merge it with a label design template, and print to a selected printer.

Print from existing applications

Easily print bar code labels from your existing application

Business systems typically have little or no support for label printers. They require you to hard-code labels in a printer command language or use a font to represent a barcode. These approaches are complicated, limited in functionality and expensive to maintain. NiceLabel Desktop Suite offers a better way:

  • Design label templates with a professional drag-and-drop graphical label designer.
  • Configure Automation Easy to capture data from your existing application
  • Use the same universal label template to print to any printer 

Eliminate human error and increase customer satisfaction

When users enter incorrect data or select a wrong label template, your business is at risk of compliance fines, incorrect inventory data, wrongly shipped product and unhappy customers. Use Automation Easy to print from existing applications and:

  • Remove the need for manual data-entry and standalone applications.
  • Use master data that already exists in your business applications.
  • Eliminate additional learning curve as users won't interact with the printing software.
Remove the need for manual data-entry
Deploy rapidly without customizing existing applications

Deploy rapidly without customizing existing applications

Initiate printing with a label data file drop, new database record, TCP/IP request, or RS232 transmission. NiceLabel Automation Easy includes a powerful data extraction tool for easy mapping of your data so you don't need to modify your existing application.

Automation Easy includes:

  • File, database, TCP/IP and RS232 triggers.
  • A CSV wizard for quick and easy mapping of standard CSV text files.
  • An easy-to-use graphical mapper that lets you use any legacy data format.

Print automatically from weight scales, PLCs and barcode scanners

Connect label printers to production hardware with NiceLabel Automation Easy. Hardware devices can send data through RS232 or TCP/IP protocols, removing the need for manual data entry. Use a workflow event such as scanning a barcode or weighing a box to automatically initiate label printing.

Use Automation Easy with:

  • Barcode scanners
  • Weight scales
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
Print automatically from weight scales, PLCs and barcode scanners

Automation Easy is an upgrade of NiceWatch

Automation Easy is compatible with NiceWatch configurations. It is much more than just an upgrade it is a completely new generation. We have built it from scratch using the most advanced technology and development processes. We also brought the quality assurance processes to a new level. Automated tests are performed 24/7 to ensure the highest uptime, performance and quality.

Automation Easy brings further improvements compared to NiceWatch and any other label printing automation software:

  • Modern intuitive user interface
  • Separate configuration and execution modules.
  • Completely new mapper. You can now extract any kind of data stream, even from legacy dot-matrix printers or mainframe software applications.

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