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Silverlight support in Chrome


Silverlight is a NPAPI plugin which in Chrome v42 and newer are disabled by default. When you try to load the NiceLabel PowerForms Web/Cloud solution in Chrome v42 and newer, the "Checking Prerequisites" step will prompt you to install Silverlight plugin, even if it is installed already.

In April 2015 (Chrome 42) NPAPI support is disabled by default in Chrome, but there is still an override to enable Silverlight. In September 2015 (Chrome 45) will remove the override and NPAPI support will be permanently removed from Chrome.


To re-enable the Silverlight in Chrome, do the following:

  1. Open Chrome and browse to chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
  2. Click Enable.

  3. Close Chrome (make sure all background instances are also closed).
  4. Re-launch Chrome manually, or click Relaunch Now button.
  5. Open PowerForms Web/Cloud solution.

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