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Seeing live status of the network label printer using Advanced Port Monitor


NiceLabel software and NiceLabel drivers allow bidirectional communication with your printers. Printers report statuses to NiceLabel. The status messages depend on the brand/model of your label printer and printer capabilities. Some printers report simple statuses like OK and Error, while the others report Out of ribbon, Out of labels, or Ribbon near end.

NiceLabel can communicate with your printer if:

  • Your printer enables bidirectional communication.
  • NiceLabel driver for your printer enables bidirectional communication. 
  • Your printer is connected to the bidirectional port.
  • You are using NiceLabel's Advanced Port Monitor, if your printer is connected to the ethernet network.


LPT, COM, or USB port support bidirectional communication without additional settings.You just have to enable bidirectional support in Printer properties > Port tab.  

If you have the network label printer, you must install an additional component, because Standard TCP/IP Port Monitor for network printers does not support bidirectional communucation.To see network printer statuses in NiceLabel, install NiceLabel port monitor – Advanced Port Monitor. You can install it during the installation of NiceLabel drivers.

To install the Advanced Port Monitor:

  • Download NiceLabel driver for your printer.
  • Start the driver installation.
  • When the installer prompts you for the port, click Add Port button.

    Select the printer port
  • The Advanced Port Monitor Configuration window displays.
    Enter the port properties: name, IP address, and port number (usually 9100).

    Configure Advanced Port Monitor
  • Click OK and finish the installation of NiceLabel drivers.


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