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Seeing live status of the network label printer using Advanced Port Monitor


NiceLabel software and NiceDrivers allow for bidirectional communication with the printer hardware. You can see statuses reported by printers in the NiceLabel software. The status messages greatly depend on the brand/model of the label printer and printer capabilities. Some might report simple statuses like OK and Error, while the other might respond Out of ribbon, Out of labels or even predict events like Ribbon near end.

To successfully communicate with the label printer the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Your printer is capable of bidirectional communication.
  • You have bidirectional NiceDriver for your label printer (verify if the NiceDriver for your printer model is bidirectional).
  • The printer is connected on the bidirectional port.
  • You are using NiceLabel's Advanced Port Monitor, if you have printer connected to the ethernet network.


For NiceDrivers connected to the LPT, COM or USB port no additional settings are necessary. However, if you have the network label printer, you must install an additional component.

When NiceLabel/NiceDrivers prepare a print file for the printer, the print file is sent to the Windows Spooler, which is responsible for sending the file to the printer. For this task Windows Spooler uses the appropriate port monitor. The Windows port monitors provided for printers connected to LPT, COM or USB ports work with the label printers. However, the Windows port monitor (Standard TCP/IP Port Monitor) for network printers does not.

If you own network label printer and want to see its status in NiceLabel software, you have to install the NiceLabel's port monitor – Advanced Port Monitor. You can install it during the installation of NiceDriver for your label printer.

To install the Advanced Port Monitor do the following:

  • Download the NiceDrivers for your printer.
  • Start the driver installation.
  • When prompted for the port, where your printer is connected to click on the Add Port button.

    Select the printer port
  • The Advanced Port Monitor Configuration window will display.
    Enter the port properties: name, IP address and port number (usually 9100).

    Configure Advanced Port Monitor
  • Click OK and finish the installation of NiceDriver.


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