NiceLabel dołącza do nowego programu Citizen Consul Club dla niezależnych dostawców oprogramowania

30. Oct. 2019

NiceLabel is the first ISV (independent software vendor) to sign up to the recently launched new Citizen Consul Club for ISVs, an extension of their existing Citizen Consul Club, developed exclusively for ISVs in order to open the door for further business potential by widening the partner network and introducing ISVs to Citizen resellers.

Citizen Systems and NiceLabel already have an established business partnership as strategic alliance partners; therefore reinforcing their relationship through the new ISV program was an easy decision for both parties. By combining Citizen’s hardware with NiceLabel’s software, a simple, convenient and fast label printing solution is created. The idea behind the all-in-one solution is to ensure end users have one unified package that can print a variety of label types on a variety of Citizen printers, therefore, eliminating the need for multiple software packages and multi-branded printers.

Paul Vogt, Marketing Director for Channel and Alliance at NiceLabel said: “We are proud to join Citizen Systems’ ISV program. We are pleased to be associated with Citizen’s powerful brand and high-quality printer products. NiceLabel’s Label Management System helps Citizen’s customers modernize their labeling and improve the quality, speed and efficiency of their labeling, while reducing cost. Our cloud-based (SaaS) label management solution enables companies of any size to centralize the label management processes and to move easily and quickly away from legacy software solutions that may be more of a hindrance to the process than anything else.”

Jӧrk Schüßler, Marketing Director EMEA at Citizen Systems Europe, said: “We have always had a unique and strong partnership with NiceLabel but now we can invest more time and resources into the partnership and ensure that our printers and their software work together seamlessly. We want to develop and grow alongside our ISVs and we think that our new Citizen Consul Club for ISVs will be the ideal tool to facilitate that growth and development.”

Detailed information on the new Citizen Consul Club for ISVs is available at the Citizen Systems website. Visit to learn about the NiceLabel Label Management System.