NiceLabel launches Designers 6.3

17. Sep. 2014

NiceLabel announces the version 6.3 of its label design programs which include important improvements that help build more efficient labeling solutions.

The 6.3 version of NiceLabel Designers introduces a number of unique new features:

  • EU food allergens regulation made easier: NiceLabel 6.3 introduces a new custom function that makes compliance with the EU food labeling regulation even easier than before.

  • Use PDF files as label backgrounds: Instead of designing the labels with professional vector graphics packages and then exporting them to PDF, it is now possible to use these PDF files as the label background to efficiently print variable data from NiceLabel.

  • Improved support for transparent images: the new version of NiceLabel adds support for printing transparent images to non-NiceLabel thermal printer drivers and also to postscript and full-color printers (this is particularly useful when positioning non-rectangular images side-by-side, such as GHS pictograms on chemical labels).

  • Unique relative positioning of objectsdid you know that NiceLabel is the only labeling software that supports the relative positioning of objects? Version 6.3 supports relative object positioning for dual-sided labels and reduces the number of label templates required; the same “intelligent” label template can be used for printing many products.

  • Barcode compliance updates: the latest version supports updates to the HIBC specification version 2.4 and updates the GS1 application identifiers according to the GS1 General Specifications Version 14, January 2014.

  • Build more intuitive PowerForms user interfaces: you can now set object properties during run-time an also show additional fields. An application designed with PowerForms Desktop can also be used in kiosk mode now.

    Version 6.3 also includes many other improvements and new features. Learn more about all of them in the Release notes document and download the new version of NiceLabel Designers.