Improved GHS support and new Web printing solutions for the supply chain

19. Jun. 2013

NiceLabel Designer v6.1 includes improved GHS support:

  • Color separation for printing GHS symbols with thermal transfer printers
  • NEW trapeze wrapping of text around GHS symbols.


NiceLabel PowerForms Web helps enterprises achieve full traceability and visibility, eliminate non-compliance costs and prevent unauthorized production. Companies can centrally control label printing across the entire supply chain: suppliers, factories, branches, shops, franchises and business partners.

NiceLabel PowerForms Web removes the technical obstacles to implement successful compliance labeling. It helps reduce deployment costs, enables working with new suppliers faster and eliminates resistance of compliance programs.

Full control of label printing also prevents production overruns and counterfeiting. Companies can remotely monitor and control supplier label printing. To establish brand protection, companies can also build print related security features into their labels.

NiceLabel PowerForms Cloud is a cloud-hosted version of PowerForms Web, built on the Microsoft Azure platform, which provides faster deployment, global scalability and eliminates infrastructure costs.

“NiceLabel continues to innovate and improve the supply chain. PowerForms Web gives Enterprises the ability to instantly deploy label printing across the complete supply chain. Real-time traceability, visibility and correct labeling is now available anywhere across the globe and affordable. ” said Ken Moir, Marketing Director at NiceLabel.