NiceLabel Portal 5.3 now available

23. Mar. 2011

Received shipments – No more relabeling

Until recently, you had no choice but to accept incoming shipments that where incorrectly labeled. You had no way to convince all suppliers to invest the money and time into labeling according to your needs. Instead, you re-labeled many shipments entering your loading dock. We all know that this isn’t how the supply chain is supposed to work, but there really was no solution beyond pleading and complaining! Luckily, technology has provided a way to meet the supplier mid-way. You’ve tried to force them to label correctly and you couldn’t, so it’s time to help them do it instead.

The supplier prints your labels in his warehouse
The biggest  revolution since the days of desktop labeling comes in the form of Web applications. This allows you to deploy your own labeling standard to be used by your suppliers. The labeling of your goods received is defined and managed by you. Your supplier simply opens a web form in a browser to print your labels.

Wollenhaupt, a global tea producer now receives all supplier shipments labeled correctly.

"...In the past, we produced our labels and sent them in a file format to our suppliers. There were always problems with bar code readability«
Jan Schmolke (Non-Food Purchasing Manager), Wollenhaupt GmbH.

Wollenhaupt was one of many companies who struggled with incoming labeling for as long as memory serves. They’ve implemented work-intensive processes to improve their receiving process, and it still proved too inefficient to support their growing business needs. How much time and money could you save if you never relabeled another shipment?

We're excited to announce the new release of NiceLabel Portal. We've taken the successful NiceLabel Portal product and enhanced it to include updates requested by customers such as Wollenhaupt.

NiceLabel Portal is the easiest way for your suppliers to supply you with correctly labeled shipments.

See how NiceLabel Portal helped solve Wollenhaupt’s supplier labeling problem

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