Bidirectional NiceDrivers available for download

20. Feb. 2006

Bidirectional printer drivers are the next level in the evolution of thermal printer drivers industry and they represent a significant step towards satisfying customer\'s demands for faultless high-speed printing.

"Standard Windows printing is a one way process, where user does not get much feedback information after the print job is sent to Windows and this is far from optimal workflow demands that are common nowadays" says Uros Podlogar, head of driver development in Euro Plus. "Generally, we\'ve made a selection of printers that are supporting bi-directional communication and we\'ve designed additional printer driver components that enable status detection. Status requests are sent to the printer on regular intervals or before each label is printed. If any errors are detected, printing process is paused until the error is removed."

Corporate environments with larger production and distribution facilities can now take the advantage of the Status monitor utility, a tool added to the NiceLabel bi-directional printer driver that monitors one or more printers, also on remote locations. User can check a real-time status for each printer from one location and react in time if any problems occur. That is a great prevention from production line breakdown related costs.

"From a technical point of view I can say that printer administrators will benefit from facts that monitoring includes standard and printer specific error messages. For some printers additional dialogs are implemented, where user can check and change certain printer specific parameters" Uros Podlogar underlines some of the technical characteristics.

At this time bidirectional drivers are available for the following brands: CAB, Imaje and Intermec. Support for other printer brands will also be available with the next releases.

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