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NiceLabel selected to Food Logistics top 100+ software and technology providers

Sandy Borchert Food and beverage

Food Logistics magazine released the 13th annual FL100+, a list of the top 100-plus software and technology providers that hold influential roles in the global food and beverage supply chain. NiceLabel has been chosen to the FL 100+, among other software and technology providers with products benefitting the industry in multiple ways, from reducing food waste and extending shelf life, to facilitating safe and sanitary transportation of product while assuring regulatory compliance. The list serves as a resource guide of critical products and services for companies in the global food and beverage supply chain.

NiceLabel’s next generation technology helps F&B companies maximize their supply chain efficiency and mitigate risk. F&B manufacturers need to move fast, while reducing cost. With NiceLabel F&B manufacturers are able to standardize their labeling and marking processes by using a single software platform for all direct marking, packaging and shipping. F&B companies can streamline regulatory compliance and increase agility and market responsiveness to eliminate the risk of labeling errors that would otherwise result in costly unplanned downtime, product recalls and rework. NiceLabel technology allows F&B companies to grow and move forward with scalable and future-proof solutions that allow standardized integration with MES and other systems, facilitating tracking and tracing of products across an extended supply chain.

To learn more about how NiceLabel can benefit food and beverage companies of all sizes, visit our website at www.nicelabel.com/food-beverage.

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