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Date: September 11, 2023

Driver INFO

Drivers package details
Latest version:
Release date:
September 11, 2023
Installation guides
Installation Guides:
Drivers tested on
Tested on:
Windows: 11, 10, 8.1
Windows Server: 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2

Supported printers

Bidirectional The printer model supports bidirectional communication. NiceLabel driver can obtain the feedback of the printer status. The status can be reported to and displayed in NiceLabel software.
Rfid This printer supports RFID. You can program the RFID tags embedded into the smart label.
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO BF408R
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO BF412R
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CG208
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CG212
  • Bidirectional SATO CG408
  • Bidirectional SATO CG412
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL408e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL412e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX 203dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX 609dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL608e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL612e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CT408i
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CT412i
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CT424i
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CT4-ex-RF TT305
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CW408
  • Bidirectional SATO CZ408
  • Bidirectional SATO CZ412
  • Bidirectional SATO DR308e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO GL408e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO GL412e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO GT408e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO GT412e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO GT424e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO GZ408e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO GZ412e
  • Bidirectional SATO GZ608e
  • Bidirectional SATO GZ612e
  • Bidirectional SATO HR212
  • Bidirectional SATO HR224
  • Bidirectional SATO LC408e
  • Bidirectional SATO LC412e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO L'esprit v/ex 408
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO LM408e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO LM412e
  • Bidirectional SATO Lt408
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO M-10e
  • Bidirectional SATO M-5900RVe
  • Bidirectional SATO M84 Pro 200DPI
  • Bidirectional SATO M84 Pro 300DPI
  • Bidirectional SATO M84 Pro 600DPI
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO M-8459Se
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO M-8460Se
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO M-8465Se
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO M-8485Se
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO M-8490Se
  • Bidirectional SATO MB200i
  • Bidirectional SATO MB201i
  • Bidirectional SATO MB400i
  • Bidirectional SATO MB410i
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S-8408
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S-8412
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S-8424
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO TG308
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO TG312
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX Plus 203dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX Plus 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX Plus 609dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX-J 203dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX-J 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX-J 609dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX-J Plus 203dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX-J Plus 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX-J Plus 609dpi
  • Bidirectional SATO CL6NX 203dpi
  • Bidirectional SATO CL6NX 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL6NX Plus 203dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL6NX Plus 305dpi
  • Bidirectional SATO CL6NX-J 203dpi
  • Bidirectional SATO CL6NX-J 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL6NX-J Plus 203dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL6NX-J Plus 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CT4-LX 203dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CT4-LX 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CT4-LX-J 203dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CT4-LX-J 305dpi
  • Bidirectional SATO FX3-LX DT305-Ln
  • Bidirectional SATO GY412T
  • Bidirectional SATO HA212R
  • Bidirectional SATO HA224R
  • Bidirectional SATO HC4-LX-J 203dpi
  • Bidirectional SATO HC4-LX-J 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO L'esprit v/ex 412
  • Bidirectional SATO M-48Pro12
  • Bidirectional SATO M-48Pro24
  • Bidirectional SATO M-48Pro8
  • Bidirectional SATO PW208mNX
  • Bidirectional SATO PW208NX
  • Bidirectional SATO PW4NX-J
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S84-ex 203dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S84-ex 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S84-ex 609dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S84NX 203dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S84NX 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S84NX 609dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S86-ex 203dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S86-ex 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S86NX 203dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S86NX 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO SG112-ex
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO SG112T/R
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO SG408R
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO SG408R ex
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO SG412R
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO SG412R ex
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO SG424R
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO SG424R ex
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO SG608R
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO SG612R
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO ST308R
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO ST312R
  • Bidirectional SATO WS408
  • Bidirectional SATO WS412

Release notes

Software latest release notes
Release versionRelease description
Ver.: 10.5.0 Added support for requesting multiple status queries at the same time.
Printer options resolution, darkness and speed are now correctly merged when changing printer models.
Stabilized communication interface between the driver and the Label Design application.
Removed limitation of loaded driver packages on Server 2008 and Server 2016 system.
Ver.: 10.4.2 Added RFID support for S86NX printers.
Improved WSIWYG in case of using 0 for pad character on counter element.
Ver.: 10.4.0 Added support for enhanced status checking.

Full RFID functionality is supported.
New printers supported: CLNX-J Plus models, S84NX/S86NX, HC4 and PW4NXJ.
Ver.: 10.0.2 Added support for RFID encoding on S86ex models.
Day of week RTC format is supported on S84ex/86ex models.
Ver.: 10.0.0 RFID setting for write retries causes an error.
Removed RTC sync action for mobile PW208 models.
Fixed problems in case user set different HDPI and VDPI in landscape orientation.
Menu for using settings from printer or driver is redesigned and improved.
Added capability to set all printer supported parameters to be controlled by the printer.
Added support for web based printer management.
Change the print preview so when the label is too long the end of the label is visible.
Ver.: 8.6.3 Driver is signed with updated certificate. Changed timestamp server to avoid "unknown certificate" issue on some OS systems.
Ver.: 8.6.1 Command font option added to CLNX models.
Ver.: 8.6.0 Label length is correct also in landscape orientation in case using driver setting "Set fixed document length for continuous label".
Ver.: 8.5.0 Communication with the printer is working now also when port monitor logging is enabled on non English Windows OS.
Ver.: 8.3.4 ICODE SLIX tag can be now locked from NiceLabel software.
CL4NX Plus and CL6NX Plus models are supported.
Aztec code is supported as internal printer element.
Ver.: 8.3.3 Driver memory management is improved.
Ver.: 8.3.2 Fixed slow UI operation when using VPN connected printer.
Fixed driver crash when using LPR port and export driver settings.
Ver.: 8.3.1
Improved performance
Driver initialisation time was decreased for up to 30%.

Smaller file footprint
Driver file size was reduced for up to 60%.

Improved installation utility
PrnInst better supports multi user environments. Driver upgrade procedure was improved for installations with large number of printers.
Ver.: 8.2.0 Driver stability was improved and memory usage was optimized.
Ver.: 8.0.50 User can now use Reload to upload entire list of virtual fonts to printer again, instead uploading each virtual font individually.
Procedure for updating printers is improved in Prninst application that all settings for all users are correctly preserved.
Prninst application automatically detects printer(s) connected to local network.
Ver.: 8.0.40 User is able to set the delay time after using command to cancel all current and queued printing documents on the printer.
Ver.: 8.0.23 SATO CT4-ex-RF, SG112-ex and CT4-LX printers are supported in NiceLabel driver.
Eject and cut command on TG printer is send just in case the cutter is used during printing. If cutter is not used, also eject command is not send.
XML recall of Datamatrix code is working now.
Ver.: 8.0.21 Driver Maintenance, Settings and Support actions are working also with printer name longer than 32 characters.
Settings on Configure Printer panel are now remembered.
Ver.: 8.0.20
Initial Version 8 release:
Redesigned and updated User Interface.
Added and improved Print Preview to be shown on more panels.
Added new Tool options for easier Maintenance, Setup and Support.
Added options for sending files or commands to the printer.
Added possibility to toggle Status Checking during printing.
Fixed in-corrections when displaying driver on High-DPI monitors.

During printer driver installation and uninstallation the Unicode printer names are fully supported.

Added support for easier installation of Bluetooth Printers during printer driver installation.

Improved displaying of Network discovered printers while sorting and graying already installed printers during printer driver installation.

Download fonts for CL4NX & CL6NX models added.
Support for concatenation on counters was added. They can now be used with GS1 barcodes or functions.
Minimized the frequency of displaying the splwow64 thunking spooler (SplWow64) message during printer installation.

Upgraded uninstall of Ports and Port Monitors when printer removing the printer driver.

During printer driver installation additional fields Location and Comment can be set.

Additional RTC formats added for S84ex/S86ex and CLNX printers.
Ver.: 7.8.32 RFID tag Mifare Ultralight EV1_21 is not supported on SATO printers.
Added new RFID tag Mifare Ultralight EV1 to SATO CLxNX.
Added new RFID I-Code SLIX (Takaya) RFID tag.
Ver.: 7.8.31 SATO S84-ex and SATO S86-ex models support also internal fonts U, M, S, XB and XL.
Added real time clock support on following fonts: WB, WL, OCR-A, OCR-B, XB, XL, and X20-X24.
Ver.: 7.8.30 Solved issue with driver crash or settings not saved after updating more than than one printer using the same driver model.
PW208NX, PW208mNX, SATO FX3-LX DT305-Ln and GY412T printers are added into NiceLabel driver for SATO.

Improved Advanced TCP/IP port stability and information when logging is enabled.
Button "Open printing preferences" is added to the last installation page. By clicking on this button installer opens printing preferences of recently installed printer.
Error in RFID export stream.
Ver.: 7.8.22 Unprintable area behaviour and backward compatibility was corrected.
Media type change on stock dialog did not change corresponding picture immediately.
Ver.: 7.8.20 Improved status checking from NiceLabel to show the latest possible value.
Datamax - backward compatibility for fonts
Added Printer Rotation option.
Unprintable area was displayed incorrectly when label rotation was rotated portrait.
Counter support.

Add help for Label Applicators to the VideoJet Help file. there are already specifics for TTO, CIJ, HR printers.
Ver.: 7.8.10 The number of printers selected for uninstallation is now shown correctly.
Counters with leading zeros works now properly when recalling from keyboard.
Counter settings are preserved when a message is recalled.
Fixed issue with prints remaining in spooler until spooler is restarted or bidirectional support is turne off and on again.
Driver help file has been updated.

Fixed some settings not working on the printer.
New printer model CT4-ex-RF TT305 was added to SATO driver.
Maxicode in Mode 3 (alphanumeric postal code) containing characters (not only digits) did not print.
Barcode RFID Read and Print functionality is working now for all 1D barcodes.
Ver.: 7.8.7 FX3, CT4/HC4 LX printers now sends and reads correct data for Configure printer > Print operation mode options.
SOH+MG command updated for SG112-ex printer.
QV command is send also on PW printers. (GS1QR code).
Barcode verifier is disabled for CT4-LX and HC4-LX models.
Two options ware added to configure printer dialog on SG112-ex printer:Tear off delay (Standby time) and LCD Power saving (Time to LCD power saving). These two options are supported in Get and Set action.
Additional command ESC+KS is send before ESC+PG. The value is related to the selection of k parameter in ESC+PG command (Character printout setting > Kanji code selection).
The driver for SG112-ex now support 5 options for Kanji code:JIS, Shift-JIS, Unicode, BIG5 and GB18030. Before this update just JIS and Shift-JIS have been supported.

CT4-LX, and CT4-LXJ printers support also start block option to write User Data into EPC (Class1) Gen2 tag.

CT4-LX, HX4-LX corrections:
- max print width on 203dpi is 832 dot and not 932dot
- default print speed is 4 ips for all models
- dimensions are added to STOCK names
- max user memory size is 1024 bytes also for Japanese model of CT-LX printers
- min and max left offset are set to +/- 831dots for 203dpi and +/-1247 dots for 300dpi printers
- min and max top offset are set to +/- 19999dots for 203dpi and +/-17999 dots for 300dpi printers

- X23 and X24 fonts are using additional smooth parameter like CL4NXJ printers

SATO CT4 and HC4 printer models are added into SATO International and SATO Japan printer driver.
GS1 QR code is supported also on PW208 printer models.
SATO SG112-ex printer is supported.

GS1 QR bar code font: removed "Model" option and added "Pass through mode" option. Printing GS1 QR bar code fonts with "\1" on Japanese windows is also fixed.
Extended available port numbers in Advanced TCP/IP port from 32000 to 65535.
Barcode Code-93 with RTC content is printed incorrectly.
Ver.: 7.8.6 Bar code fonts for GS1 QR bar code are now supported.
Ver.: 7.8.5 SATO S84-ex and SATO S86-ex models support also internal fonts U, M, S, XB and XL.
Added real time clock support on following fonts: WB, WL, OCR-A, OCR-B, XB, XL, and X20-X24.

When users imports settings with "Import printing defaults" and this file includes "Always use driver settings" and custom stock, this stock is now correctly displayed in Printer settings/Stock.
Updated help file regarding bar code font and height calculation (English and Japanese).
Missing Japanese translation of "Use legacy calendar print command".
Ver.: 7.8.3 Printing HF RFID tag with enabled EAS is working correctly now.
Code128 is can now use mode C if its data requires it for optimal encoding.
Code 128 A, B and C now always start in heir correct mode.
New real-time clock command implemented for SATO NX printers.
Added driver core code to get crash dump we can use for debug information.
Ver.: 7.8.2 Supported GS1 QR barcode.
Ver.: 7.8.1 PG command for SATO CT4-ex-RF TT305 printer was updated.
Driver now correctly cuts from applications that use ResetDC.
In case of using internal fonts with counters they can be used with all versions of NiceLabel.
Printing bar code fonts from Excel files, created on Japanese systems should now work.
Fixed issue with prints remaining in spooler until spooler is restarted or bidirectional support is turne off and on again.
Driver help has been updated.

In some specific cases print process failed. This resulted that part of the data was missing in the print stream. Printer driver was updated to correctly handle these special cases.
Print Test Page button functionality was improved.
Updated maximum print dimensions for SATO printers.
Copyright info on About info changed from 2017 to 2018.
Ver.: 7.8.0 Corrected printout for print test page option. Printed text was not using correct size.
Incorrect string for bidirectional protocol type in Export file.
Export driver settings can now be used with more port types then ports.
In case of LAN port the printer is now installed on the recently created port.
Ver.: 7.7.0 Bidirectional automatic status detection is specific to:
  • current user
  • installed printer
  • port selected

Bidirectional detection was implemented.
Bidirectional status auto detection algorithm was implemented.
Print job status in spooler will be updated accordingly to printer status.

Auto detection algorithm was implemented for specific printer models.
Bidirectional status was added to driver export settings.
Bidirectional auto detection was tested.
Printer Installation Wizard language compatibility fixed.
Printers supporting overlays now have limited print length when using it.

Updating driver preserves correct stock (paper) names.

Corrected job status when driver cannot establish a connection with the printer.
Ver.: 7.5.10 Release SATO and SATOJpnNG2 distributions with corrected translations.
Ver.: 7.5.2 Release SATOJpnNG2 distribution with corrected translations.
Ver.: 7.5.1 New printers added: SATO FX3-LX DT305-Ln and SATO FX3-LX DT305-Ad.
Overlays enabled on SATO NX printers.
Ver.: 7.5.0 PJM tag support was added to SATO CL4NX-J printers.
GS1 Datamatrix has not been printing in case printer uses non-standard protocol. This is fixed now.
Fixed failed HLK tests on Windows 2016 core. Fixed also BiDir printing from non-administrator users.
Ver.: 7.4.10 GS1Datamatrix and GS1Code128 NiceLabel 6 compatibility was improved.
Fixed barcode verifier start position max offset.
Correct driver's language is selected in language list prior driver installation.
RFID Read and Print of 2D barcodes is now working.
Fixed issue with incorrect QR barcode size or errors in stream when printing QR barcode using barcode fonts.
Changed QR encoding from UTF8 back to Shift JIS.

Driver stability was improved.
"Custom stock has ID 257" option was added for backward compatibility with some applications.
Stability and compatibility was improved when using from NiceLabel Automation.
Downloading fonts was improved.
Internal flash option is not available for S84ex/S86ex printer when doing store label to printer.
Minimum offset (left offset and top offset) margins were wrong.
Added PJM RFID support for SATO CL4NX.
New SATO printer model added: SATO GY412T which is double side printer.

Maximum dimensions for 2D codes are expanded.
Printers SATO PW208NX and PW208mNX were added to printer driver distribution.
PG command implemented for GY412T.
Fixed offset limitation ranges.
Printing real time clock with concatenation was improved on DataMatrix.
USB detection works now also on Windows 7.
Maximum values for the top and left offset are changes. Now they are limited to the document height and width.
Barcode GS1-128 is encoded as subset C when possible.
Implemented new bar code verifier option.
Store/recall with multiple variables from NiceLabel 2017 did not work on Sato printers.
PrnInst utility supports only languages that are generally supported by NL2017 and V7 drivers.
Ver.: 7.4.0
Default value for paper source in driver DEVMODE was not properly set.

Korean language added.
Beta release barcode verifier.
Printer Installation Wizard allows now to install two or more printers with same driver name but different printer names when using INSTMULTPRN command-line parameter.
Real time clock preview was not taking daylight changes into account.
Default language is properly assigned.
Japanese translations were updated.
Two-Color Areas limited to 10 items
Height values were updated on LC and CL models.
Removed timeout for TCP/IP connection closure to prevent multiple connections from same printer.
Strip trailing spaces option was added to barcode fonts dialog.
Characters under 32 ascii are printed as space " ". This is corrected now and hex value for specific character is sent in print stream.
Japanese translations were updated.
Ver.: 7.3.90 Printing labels was corrected for some rare cases.
Link in about dialog was made visible.

Added support for the new SATO LC4e printers.
Driver did not set correctly unit measure in dots. This is fixed now.
User is able to print TID field from RFID tag also when length is 12 bytes not just 8 bytes.
Sometimes driver for FX3 prompted "Error writing printer settings".
Barcode usage with store and recall was improved.
2D barcode usage with store and recall works.
Ver.: 7.3.80 When using prompt variable on text and using "Store to printer" function, for dummy value driver sends now space " " and no more string "empty". This fix prevent printing text "empty" at the Recall/Print time and variable does not have any value.
Fixed issue with allowing port addition without entering port name and IP.
Ver.: 7.3.70 Date/Time in NiceLabel was always forced to use internal printer clock, even if current font does not support it.
Supported above human interpretation for internal Code 39.
Height calculation for vector and raster fonts was changed.
Ver.: 7.3.60 Fixed issue with some windows applications showing negative quantity numbers in print dialog.
Supported Micro PDF expansions now range from 1 to 24
Installation of 32bit driver for sharing printer on 64bit OS has failed. This is corrected now.
Added new fonts for FX3 printer driver.
Implemented "Two color areas" for some SATO printers.
Ver.: 7.3.52 Installation to USB port improved. No more "unknown" devices after printer installation.
If symbol version is specified for QR code, the driver now sends ESC+QV command with symbol version.
Ver.: 7.3.5 Label size is part of data when storing label template on new NX and S86ex printers.
Ver.: 7.3.4 When opening label file created with old printer driver version NiceLabel has crashed. This is corrected now.
Ver.: 7.3.3 WS408 and WS412 printer models are supported in SATO NiceLabel driver.
When using XML sore/recall Unicode strings are not printed correctly. This is corrected now.
Fixed issue with Advanced TCP/IP port incorrectly handling multiple connections to same printer which could result in jobs being stuck in spooler or even data loss.
Ver.: 7.3.2 Fixed issue with data being sent to printer when the printer is in error state.
Merge from v5 to v7 driver is now working OK also for cutter parameters.
Fixed preview for hour in labelling software when using printer clock variable (timezone was not handled correctly).
When switching from printer model without media type option to the printer with media type, default driver setting is not used. This is corrected now.
Ver.: 7.3.1 Fixed issue with MicroPDF not being printed when version is set to automatic mode.
SATO S84ex and S86ex printer models use now "2D" command for all 2D codes.
When exporting label using XML export, label name in export file is different than in recall file.
Because of long translations part of command font dialog was missing. This is corrected now.
Ver.: 7.3.0 UPC-A, EAN8 and EAN-13 barcodes with human readable were disabled when used with real time clock on S84ex printers.
Simplified user interface and updated installation functionality in Printer Installation Wizard.
Fixed driver crashes when printing TrueType font without contents.
Ver.: 7.1.2 Updated Help file to include Barcode fonts pass through function.
Fixed problem with the pass through setting on the Barcode fonts dialog, when importing settings dialog created with previous versions.
Ver.: 7.1.1 Removed relock and permanent relock as they are not supported.
Fixed issue with access password not being sent if different locking/unlocking combinations were used.
SATO OEM driver uses new About and banner graphics.
Color of printing preferences dialog (panel) is also changed from black to blue.
Banner graphics were changed.
Menu colors were changed.
New parameter "Pass through mode" is added on barcode fonts when Code 128, Code 128-A, Code 128-B and Code 128-C is chosen.
The data encoding is adjusted due to new parameter "Pass through mode" was supported..
Changed Configure command for Print mode to send correct settings for WS, CG2 and CG4 printer models.
Removed PSW field from stream when only permanent unlock is used in RFID tag.
RFID EPC Class1 Gen2 access code was unintentionally permanently locked.
Fixed issue with missing APW setting on RFID tag with Lock and Permanent lock being used.
Printer Install Wizard is now able to uninstall a driver on 32bit windows systems.
Ver.: 7.1.0 Fixed displaying of wrong colors in some cases.
Fixed issue with nothing being sent to printer if PJM StackTag (PJM Integrated) RFID tag had no user data entered.
Acces code is now obligatory when fields are being locked.
TID field is now read only since printer doesn't allow TID data and supports only field locking.
Removed option to set number of retries for RFID write on tags that don't support it.
Fixed issue in EPC (Class 1) Gen2 RFID tag with access code not being sent if kill code was also entered.
Updated help
New option "Upgrade Printer Drivers" added to Printer install wizard.
Unit conversion precision was increased.
Implementation of PG command specific to SATO WS4 printers.
Fixed issue with export of labels containing graphics not working
WS408 and WS412 printers are added into SATO international OEM driver distribution.
Add font width table calculation into Measure Font tool.
RTC barcode concatenation was implemneted.

"DD" real time clock format name was changed to "dd" to comply with new NiceLabel real time clock naming specification.
Ver.: 7.0.3 Unit "system default" is no longer available as one of the possible measurement units on driver's GUI. Therefore all labels stored with "system default" unit will be opened with measurement unit set to cm.
Some characters (, , ...) were incorrectly encoded in CODE128 barcodes.
Added "Command Fonts" option to the driver.
Ver.: 7.0.0 Fixed issue with missing first character in text when using X23 and X24 fonts on HR2xx printer models.
Fixed issue with unprintable area on labels made by version 5 drivers being positioned on the wrong side.
Ver.: 6.0.19 Fixed issue with high graphics being cut into more then one image. Graphics are now cut only if they are over the size supported by printer.
Added new NFC Rfid tags and lock support to Sato printers.
TID memory bank is now one of the data fields for EPC (Class 1) Gen2 tag.
"Use legacy RFID locking command" option is added to GUI. This is option is available just on SATO CLNX, CLNXJ and S84ex series.
Concatenate functionality is supported.
Ver.: 6.0.18 Lock parameter is send with IP0 command also when unlock is selected.
Ver.: 6.0.17 Registry setting for close connection type was added.
Corrected label size capability calculation.
Incorrect value is retrieved during recall when there are elements with same variable contents.
Unicode contents are now correctly handled in bar codes that support multiple code pages.

Merging settings between printers with different "Use printer default" settings didn`t work.
Ver.: 6.0.16 Exporting printer settings as non administrator user doesn`t work.
New firmware for SATO CLNX printers will support also new RFID locking command lc2. This option is supported also in the driver.
New RFID locking command is supported just on CLNX printers and not also for S84ex.
Status monitor error definition files were added to SATO OEM distribution.
Fixed store/recall functionality for hardware counters.
When using multiple labels in a row the barcode HR is missing on second row of labels. This is fixed now.
Doing store/recall the graphics are overwritten every time, because of identical ID. The result is that just last stored layout is working OK. This is fixed now and graphic ID is dependent on format number which value is added to the original graphic ID.
Doing store/recall in XML format, always format number 1 is recalled. This is corrected now.
Fixed issue with graphics not being printed when using store/recall.
Unicode encoding for some internal fonts was changed from UTF-16 to UTF-8.
Stripping empty space around graphics elements was improved.
Graphics optimization was improved and combined with stripping empty space around graphics.
Command for printing UPC-A barcode was updated.
Drivers about dialog use different web link for SATO International and Japan distribution.
Cut every label functionality is now working as expected when using Crystal Report application.
Fixed wrong syntax on MBi printers when using Configure Printer option.
Fixed missing byte in command syntax on CTi printer when using Configure Printer option.
"Auto power off [ms]" corrected to "Auto power off [min]".
Maximum label width for MB400i fixed to 832 dots.
Maximum label width for MB410i fixed to 1248 dots.
Minimum "Pitch offset" and "Dispense offset" are set to -40.
Removed "Dispenser" option from "Print operation mode".
Auto power off is not read from printer (printer language limitation).
Code93 is working now also when doing store/recall printing type.
No error when encoding RFID with locking enabled on some printers that do not support locking.

UPC-A barcode prints correcty on all CL4NX-J and CL6NX-J models.
Datamatrix barcode print stream was corrected.
Added 'Please restart the printer after sending settings' warning message in RFID option dialog.
S84/86ex printers have selected option "Let printer control this option" for Media type and Operation mode options.
SatoJpnNG and SatoPW distributions are merged into SatoJpnNG2.
XML export (to internal memory and to memory cartridge) was not working correctly.

Menu with options "Send this parameter to printer" and "Let printer control this option" is no longer displayed on "Configure Printer" dialog box.
Ver.: 6.0.15 Added HF RFID tags support to CL4NX printer.
SATO printers with PJM stacked RFID tags (CG2xx, CL408e, CL412e, GZ408e, GZ412e) support now also RFID setting dialog for RFID module.
Solved problems with input long description of font in Driver Properties/Fonts.
Paper ID overlapping when delete and restore pre-define paper.
CL4NX-J's default label size is displayed for PW208 printer driver
Stocks with to large page sizes were available to select on PW models.
Character width table for font "SATO Gothic Japanese" is corrected.

Export to printer option corrected in a way /Y command is sent just with XML export variant.
S84ex/S86ex can store label layout into three different memory locations:
CC0: Internal flash (Printer)
CC1: Memory cartridge (FROM)
CC2: SD Card (or USB memory)
SATO S84ex/S86ex models needs to send ESC+PO1 command for backfeed offset when using linerless operation mode ESC+PM5 (and not PO0 like on all other SATO models).
SATO S84ex/S86ex models have just three media type options: Continuous, Labels with Gap and Labels with black mark.
SATO CL4NX-J and SATO CL6NX-J printer models use <~B> cutter command for cut at the end of job.
Fixed issue with batch cut commands appearing after each page in job if not using NiceLabel.
Import/export function in driver settings now correctly handles "Let printer control this option/Send this parameter to printer".
NiceLabel driver support also Japanese version of SATO CL-NX printer models:
SATO CL4NX-J 203dpi
SATO CL4NX-J 305dpi
SATO CL4NX-J 609dpi
SATO CL6NX-J 203dpi
SATO CL6NX-J 305dpi
SATO M84 Pro 600DPI printer does not support EX0 command.
Improved presentation of X2 fonts on screen.
Improved appearance of bitmap fonts (sizes 16, 22, 24, 32,and 40) on screen to better represent printed results.
RSS and RSS expanded stacked barcode fonts with maximum height are now printed correctly.
If user select reset on Maintenance dialog, all items are reset now. This includes also selection for "Send this parameter to printer".
Ver.: 6.0.14 Fixed unicode text is not exported as unicode when doing Export to SAP or Custom Export in NiceLabel.
Updated Japanese translations in driver and PrnInst application.
Fixed cutter usage with different scenarios (advanced cutter, batch cut,...).
UPCE barcode font did not print when 7 digits (6 digits data + check digit) were entered. This is fixed now.
Fixed Enable/Disable toggle for Print Mode (Cutter) GUI dialog.
Support for old USB port type was removed from Port monitor.
Barcode font description is limited to max. 255 characters.
Incorrect Japanese translations in PrnInst corrected.
Attempted creation of a port with a name that is already used will no longer make user interface unusable.
FNC1 in Datamatrix barcode is supported.

Bar code fonts for Japanese models are encoded in Shift JIS.
From NX printers and later also international models are using new 2D code syntax.
After installation stocks are preloaded.
Type column on for font substitution, command font and barcode font is now translated.
When Reseting settings to default values, "Apply" button will be enabled.
Ver.: 6.0.13 Border sizes can no longer be changed as those settings are not supported on printer.
Tear-off delay on Configure printer dialog for CLNX printers accept values 0, 5-200 ms.
Port monitor now correctly shows all serial (COM) and parallel (LPT) ports on the computer.
Updated fonts substitution dialog.
Command fonts are encoded in Shift JIS.
PrnInst information (installed languages) missing in inf file.
V6 driver now shows also DPI when running VB script for printer info.
PrnInst application removes only NiceLabel Drivers driver packages from Driver Store.
When setting out-of-scope values at silent installation, an error is not generated, but it is displayed as blank.
Error is reported when using function "Export to SAP" on SATO CG printers.
Can not convert QR code to 2byte code under "word".
Ver.: 6.0.12 EAN-13 barcode is printed correctly even if it starts with the leading zeros.
Clear format command is sent also when export to printer in XML format.
NiceLabel driver support also following new SATO models:
SATO CL6NX 203dpi
SATO CL6NX 305dpi

Using "Store to printer" functionality generates wrong stream if default variable value is empty.
NiceLabel driver support also following SATO printer models:
SATO S84-ex 203dpi
SATO S84-ex 305dpi
SATO S84-ex 609dpi
SATO S86-ex 203dpi
SATO S86-ex 305dpi
Added X20, X21, X22, X23 and X24 fonts.
Fixed issue with Line Substitution being enabled by default (should be disabled)
Command ESC+AR is not sent to the printer anymore. This command has enabled standard print area but now A1 command replace it. Printers will use now expanded print area which enables longer print size.
Implemented different width table for SATO CG Sleek and CG Stream fonts. This improves WYSIWYG representation in labeling applications.

Limited barcode darkness and darkness range selection to valid combinations.
When user selects Linerless operation mode driver needs to send instead of 5 and 0 like on other SATO models. This is true now.
Japanese language was updated.
Advanced settings section was removed from UI on PW208 printer.
Minimum limits for Pitch offset, Tear-off offset and Dispense offset corrected on PW208 printer.
After adding port from Printer Install Wizard Network Discovery, timeout values are correct.
Some PG commands are wrong.
does not enter sleep mode due to sending ENQ continuously with working the system of Label Services.
Parameter cd of <#F>abcd can not be specified.D
Problem is the output value of "" command.
When reading PG command from printer, correct user message is displayed in case of unsuccessful read.

Maximum speed setting on Configure printer and Print Options dialogs is limited now on CL4NX and PW208 printers. This limitation is enforced only for specific operation mode settings.
Error messages on "Configure Printer" tab are not translated.
Added No backfeed option to Dispenser mode on PW printer models
Uninstall button is enabled if there exist some printers to uninstall.
Only drivers developed by Europlus can be uninstalled
GS1 DataBar UPC-E barcode font can now accept UPC-A encoding.
"Barcode darkness range" and "Barcode darkness" under driver setting/printer setting/ barcode was not translated into Japanese language. These strings are updated now.
SATO PW208m printer is supported. The only difference to PW208 is Wi-Fi support.
"Configure Printer" screen in "Driver settings" moves up and down when using Up/Down controls on edit windows.
SATO PW printer does not support Status 5. It is using just Status 4 and because of this selection is removed from GUI (Printing Preferences > Print Options > Advanced settings).
The input value range for Tear off delay on Configure printer dialog should be from 0 to 200. By default it is 0. This is corrected now for SATO NX and PW models. Before the correction the range was 5-200 and default 10.

Barcode fonts for SATO PW208 did not have the same description as other SATO Japanese models.
- barcode font "SSCC182 should use name "GS1 128 (SSCC-18)"
- bookland barcode font should use name "UPC add-on"
- Datamatrix barcode should not support ECC and formatID options

This is corrected now.
After driver installation the default driver language was set into English.It should be in Japanese. This is corrected now.
There are also just two languages supported (Japanese and English) like for all other Japanese models.

SATO PW printer did not print PDF417, because the driver was sending the " command" but it must send the "<_2d10> command". This is corrected now.
SATO PW printer did not print MaxiCode, because the driver was sending the " command" but it must send the "<_2d20> command". This is corrected now.

SATO PW printer did not print Datamatrix(ECC200), because the driver was sending the " command" but it must send the "<_2d50> command". This is corrected now.

SATO PW printer did not print MicroPDF, because the driver was sending the " command" but it must send the "<_2d12> command". This is corrected now.

SATO PW208 should support darkness range from A to F according to the specification, but only A has been available before this correction.
Ver.: 6.0.11 "Export to Printer" functionality on SATO PW printer is disabled.
Backfeed is disabled only for printers which have just one Backfeed option.
Darkness range for CL4NX printers is A-F (not just A).
Kanji code on "Configure printer" dialog needs to have 6 values (JIS code, Shift JIS code, Unicode UTF16, GB18030, BIG5, KCS5601) and not just 2.
CUT_OFFSET - both minimum and maximum values are corrected (+/- 99 dots)
DISP_OFFSET - both minimum and maximum values are incorrect (+/- 99 dots)
PROPORTIONAL - driver now send correctly "1" for proportional, and "0" for fixed character spacing (before the correction "0" in both cases).
In come cases of EPC (Class 1) Gen2 and use of EPC encoding, there ware duplicate EPC fields in print stream. This is corrected now.
Media type (ESC+IG), Printing mode (ESC+PH) and Operation mode with backfeed (ESC+PM, ESC+PO) are added into CL4NX and CL6NX.

Corrections after Beta version:

CL4NX Operation mode - Linerless - Backfeed mode is "Before printing" instead of "No backfeed"
CL4NX Operation mode - Linerless - "After printng" is removed
CL4NX Operation mode - Linerless - Operation mode "Linerless" has just one value on NX4 printer: "Before printing". "No backfeed" option has been removed. Print stream reflect with sending PM5 and not PM6.

CL4NX/CL6NX Operation Mode - Partial cut - cut when printing - Backfeed mode is "Before printing" instead of After printing
CL6NX Operation mode - Partial cut - cut when printing - "Before printing" option has been removed
CL6NX Operation mode - Partial cut - cut when printing - print stream reflect PM9. This is solved with change of operation mode option from Partial cut into "Cutter - cut when printing). This option sends PMB.

Operation mode "Cutter - cut when printing" has just one Backfeed mode "Before printing". Because no other is possible, the combo for backfeed is disabled disabled on GUI.

Media type (ESC+IG):
Media type combo for CG2 printers is extended with "Wristband without carrier" (SBPL manual:"Transmissive 2 - for wrist bands").
Also GZ6 printers support Media type option now.

Operation mode (ESC+PM, ESC+PO):
All printer models with Operation mode option, support Backfeed offset and Pitch offset.
Operation mode "Linerless" is removed for CG2 printers.
HR printer models also support Operation mode and Backfeed options.
MB2i and MB4i printer also support Operation mode with two options (Continuous, Tear off).

Print mode (ESC+PH):
GZ, S84ex,S86ex and SG6xxR printer models have now Print mode option on the GUI (Direct thermal/Thermal transfer).
CW printer does not support print mode option (no ribbon core).

Media form (ESC+YE):
Lesprit printer models support now Media form option.
Media form (roll/fanfold) is not supported on HA, HR printers.
Media form (roll/fanfold) is now supported on Lesprit printers.

Darkness range is controlled with printer by default, like it is implemented on the International printer models.
CG4xx and M-10e have darkness range A,B
CZ4xx have darkness range A,B,C,D,E,F

MB printers does not support Overlay function (also GUI option is removed for enable Overlay)
Japanese BF,HA, Lesprit printers does not support Overlay function (also GUI option is removed for enable Overlay).

Added Operation mode for:BF400R, M-48 Pro and ST300R printers. Also Pitch offset is added like it is used on other Japanese printer models.
Added Operation mode > Cutter- cut when prinitng (B) for SG600R printers.
Operation mode "Cutter-cut when prinitng" is also added for Store settings dialog (ESC+PG command) on SG600R printers.
When for Operating mode "Dispenser" is selected there are just two Backfeed mode options (No backfeed option has been removed).
There is no Backfeed mode option when "Cutter - cut when printing" is selected for Operation mode.
Operation mode combo has the same width as Backfeed mode to fit the length of all values.
Linerless operation mode sends two PO commands now. PO0 + PO3.

ForBF400R, M-48 Pro and ST300R printers: Operation offset combo is removed from "Print Options" dialog because now the operation mode is supported on all models, and Backfeed offset is used for the operation offset.

All controls on Store Settings dialog used unique command and not the same one as they are in the driver.

ESC+CC command is not send anymore on MB printers.
Ver.: 6.0.10 When the user opens a settings page with scroller, the behaviour of scroller is updated to update the screen smoothly.
When exporting a label with variable text to SAP, there was an error (data includes unprintable characters). This is corrected now.
Fixed incorrect SGTIN-96 EPC encoding
Driver crash when store label with RFID and variable connected to RFID data (upc, userdata).
Also store and recall stream is corrected to use multiple variables on RFID.
SATO CW408 printer does not support CG Times and CG Triumvirate fonts.
Ver.: 6.0.9 SATO CW408 support darkness value 1-10 and darkness range A,B.
Fixed bug when recalling label with variable GS-1 barcode.
SATO MB2xxi printers do not support "Journal mode 2" as an Print mode option on Configure printer dialog. This option is supported just on MB4xxi series.
Support selection to enable/disable Overlay function in all models
Added RFID support to S84-ex printers
CL4NX uses wrong font for human interpretation
Empty graphics should not be send to the printer.
Changed command for printing fonts CG Sleek and CG Stream.

Removed obsolete RFID tag on CL4NX printer
CL4NX printer uses only Free Mapping command for EPC Gen 2 encodings
Printer driver has field Number of copies which works when printing from third party applications that do not support number of copies.

Sato CL6NX 203dpi and Sato CL6NX 305dpi added.
Ver.: 6.0.8 Coordinate of fixed barcode is changed on second page
Unprintable area is now correctly displayed on all orientations (rotated portrait or landscape).
Order of RFID and Overlay commands corrected
When using Store/Recall there was stream syntax error, because variable field ID starts with 00. Correct ID number for variable is 01..99. This is corrected now.
Character spacing is not supported on some fonts.
Some internal fonts on SATO CL4NX can be increased in size beyond limit.

Vertical positioning of RH fonts (0, Mincho, Alpha, Beta, Folio, Futura, Gamma, OCR-B TrueType, Sans, Serif, Vica, Sleek and Stream) corrected.
S84 and S86 printer models
Changed "SATO Korean 16" to "SATO 16x16 KSX1001"

Changed "SATO Korean 24" to "SATO 24x24 KSX1001"
Added "SATO 16x16 GB18030"
Added "SATO 24x24 GB18030"
Added "SATO 24x24 BIG5"
Removed Eas, Power attenuation, Tag offset and RFID Read Protection funcitonality from CL4NX series.
Power setting for PJM StackTag (PJM Integrated) RFID tag is now set to 1/4.
Fixed error when encoding RFID EPC field (SGTIN96 format) from database.
Maximum element dimensions for Line, Rectangle, Text and "fixed document length" corrected.
CL4NX bitmap font dimensions on screen are corrected.

SATO GZ4 printer: WYSIWYG for Vica fonts has been imporved again (for example WWWW characters has overlap each other before).
Fonts with ESC+RH command supported on SATO CL4NX printers

Support UNICODE in BMP font (XU, XS, XM, XL, U, S, M, WB, WL, $)
Added support for BMP Japanese (Mincho and Gothic style), Chinese (Traditional and simplified) and Korean fonts.
Mobile fonts supported on SATO CL4NX.

Vector font dimensions for SATO printers corrected.
Added vector font to S84-ex/S86-ex models.
CL4NX SATO GAMMA VICA font name is wrong. The correct name doesn&#39;t have RH.

Optimized slow printing on MBxxxi series.
Partly corrected name of Japanese fonts (number 2008 changed to 208).

WYSIWYG for SATO GZ4 printing Gamma and Vica fonts variants has been updated.
Maximum media width/height corrected for some SATO models.
Printing delay default set to 200ms instead of 50
If barcode height is larger than 999 dots in labeling software, then driver send just 999 dots to the printer. In this case there is no error in print stream.
Check box "Set fixed document length for continuous label" does not generate illegal SBPL command anymore.
The &#39;Mask&#39; option for QR barcode is removed from dialog.
Serial Reference/Number parameter for RFID Gen2 512bit tag is corrected.
M-5900RVe printer model should have a standard status 4 bidi enabled (same as CL4xxe models).
Backfeed mode commands have corrected (switched) for both option: before printing and after printing.
Default media size is 10 cm x 7 cm (width x height).
SATO HA and SATO HR printer models support just thermal transfer printing mode. Because of this fact combo box with just one selection is removed from the GUI.
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