On-demand printing

Web Printing System: PowerForms Web

PowerForms Web is a web application that allows all manual printing applications to be centrally deployed and scaled business wide with a single click

The PowerForms Web module helps you centrally deploy on-demand labeling applications across all of your workstations, all of your remote locations and beyond to your suppliers, contract manufacturers or 3rd party logistics providers (3PL). Next-generation web technology allows you to deploy consistent labeling solutions from five users to many thousands of users in seconds.

Web Printing System: PowerForms Web

Thin client-side printing application
NiceLabel PowerForms Web is the only Web printing solution that utilizes client-side processing and client-side printer management. Client-side processing means that print streams and print previews are generated by the local PC and not by the remote server that introduces a time lag and network traffic. Client-side printer management allows local users to use any Microsoft Windows printer driver, control the settings locally and not be restricted by what printers the server supports.

PowerForms Web requires a thin client application to be installed only on first-time use. The installation does not require administrator privileges.

Extend to suppliers, contract manufacturers or 3PLs
Collaborate with your suppliers to eliminate the need for goods-in relabeling. Give contract manufacturers and 3PLs access to labeling centrally controlled by you. Business partners can have access to manual web printing solution or they can integrate the web printing form with their ERP system.


Integrated Printing System: Automation

Businesses can significantly reduce printing effort and achieve new levels of accuracy and productivity by using the Automation module’s unmatched integration capabilities. Automation’s features let you integrate and automate printing from existing business systems without any coding. Automation empowers you to streamline complex printing processes, eliminating errors and improving print productivity. The all-in-one server architecture includes business connectors, data mapping, business rules and workflows, a print engine and load balancing for high volume environments.

All-in-one production server

All-in-one print server
The NiceLabel Automation Enterprise module includes business connectors, data transformation, business rules, business workflows and a print server in a single service. All transactions and data processing happens in the same memory space. In-memory processing is 100x faster than transmitting data between applications and servers. The all-in-one architecture also reduces downtime and simplifies maintenance.

Pre-built connectors provide seamless integration
Architected and scalable to meet the integration needs of five printers to many thousands of printers, Automation provides unsurpassed connectivity with any application to drive barcode labeling, whether via the latest web services technology or with the pre-built integration to SAP® and Oracle applications.

Data mapping provides integration without coding
NiceLabel Automation accepts and transforms data in any format so you don't have to customize your existing business systems or applications. The built-in data mapping tool helps you easily extract and map data from common formats like XML, CSV or fixed-width text files. The mapping tool also supports legacy system modernization by supporting data in unstructured formats such as legacy reports or printer commands.

Configurable business rules and workflows
Automation's business rules engine allows print requests to be dynamically changed based on business logic that is applied to inbound dynamic data. By processing the inbound data, the business rules engine can select the applicable workflow to run and execute the logic to perform e.g. requesting data from additional data sources, manipulating and modifying label data, setting attributes, selecting one or many label templates, targeting specific printers, and executing additional workflows.

Configurable business rules and workflows

64-bit architecture provides unmatched performance and reliability
Automation was architected from the ground up for the modern 64-bit multi-core architecture to provide the fastest, most reliable and efficient printing capability. Automation is a 100% native 64-bit application that eliminates the need for additional technology layers required by the previous generation of 32-bit applications. Automation includes NiceLabel’s next-generation “64-bit print engine" that takes advantage of new technologies to maximize print productivity while using minimum computer resources.

Scalability you can't outgrow 

Scalability and reliability are built into the Automation architecture. It provides failover and high availability options required for business-critical operation. Automation supports load balancing to optimize performance in high volume environments.


Get Label Management System

  • Document Management System
    Design, review, approve and control labeling from a centralized document management system without having to install software on workstations.
  • Web Printing System
    Web printing allows all manual printing applications to be centrally deployed and launched from a browser without software installation on workstations.
  • Integrated Printing System
    Seamlessly integrates printing into your SAP, Oracle and other business applications maintaining a Single Source of Truth for your labeling data.

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