NiceLabel SMA Terms

Revised June 2016

These NiceLabel SMA Terms (“SMA Terms”) govern the maintenance, support and upgrades ("SMA") provided by Euro Plus d.o.o., a company organized and existing under the laws of Slovenia, or its regional offices set forth below (collectively, “NiceLabel”), to authorized licensees (each a “Licensee”) of the NiceLabel Software (the “Software”) who have purchased an SMA during the SMA Term (as defined below). Capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to such terms in the NiceLabel End User License Agreement, as amended ("EULA"). These SMA Terms shall be incorporated into the EULA and governed by the terms and conditions contained in the EULA to the extent not provided for herein.

  1. Scope. During the SMA Term (as defined below), NiceLabel agrees to provide, based on your purchase selection, a Standard SMA and/or a Priority SMA (each as defined below) for the Software, which was licensed to Licensee pursuant to the EULA.
  2. Regional Office. The SMA will be provided to you by the regional office set forth below based on the Area in which you are permitted to use the Software.

Regional office

NiceLabel Americas

NiceLabel EMEA

NiceLabel Germany

NiceLabel China


North and South America


DACH (German speaking countries)

APAC and China 

Office hours*

Mon - Fri 8am-5pm CST

Mon - Fri 8am-5pm CET

Mon - Thu 8am-5pm CET

Fri 8am-3pm CET

Mon - Fri 8am-5pm

Shanghai Time

 *Subject to regional office closures on public holidays in the applicable Area

  1. SMA. The SMA includes:

a. Standard Services Included. During the Term, NiceLabel will provide Licensee the following standard SMA with respect to the Software: (i) telephone and email product support by a technical representative of the appropriate NiceLabel regional office to your designated contacts during such regional office's business hours (as set forth above), excluding regional or national holidays; and (ii) periodic updates, upgrades, bug fixes, patches, other error corrections and new product releases (collectively, "Updates"). Updates will include upgrades within a version (e.g., version 6.2 to version 6.3) and upgrades to a new version (e.g., version 6 to version 7). To access an upgrade within a version, Licensee may download and install such upgrade from To receive an upgrade to a new version, Licensee must request an upgrade key by contacting NiceLabel at To request technical support, please visit and choose the desired support channel.

b. Services Not Included. The SMA does not include (i) any new version or new release of the Software that NiceLabel may issue as a separate or new product, and NiceLabel may determine whether any issuance qualifies as a new version, new release, or Update in its sole discretion, (ii) software training, (iii) on-site support or maintenance, (iv) support or maintenance of any separately identified third-party programming and configuration which is not being sub-licensed by NiceLabel as part of the Software, (v) support or maintenance of any additional products created, sold and/or licensed by NiceLabel, for which there is no software maintenance agreement, and (vi) direct changes or modifications to existing custom configurations not created by NiceLabel.