The digital transformation of labeling

The NiceLabel Label Management System standardizes your entire label printing process into one platform. It includes everything you need to transform your labeling processes.

NiceLabel’s Label Management System includes a label designer, document management system, application builder, web printing system (for manual printing), integrated printing system, a non-production environment and a change and transport system. It scales from five users to thousands and can be extended to remote locations, suppliers or contract manufacturers.


NiceLabel Named as a Leader in IDC MarketScape

Source: IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise Labeling Application 2018 Vendor Assessment

The 4 Elements of the Label Management System

Label design

Design labels with our easy to use label designer

The NiceLabel designer delivers a familiar Microsoft Word-like user experience that enables anyone to quickly design labels. It moves label design out of the IT department and into the hands of business users.

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Manual printing

Deploy and manage labels centrally, print anywhere

With our web printing system, you can centrally deploy and manage all manual printing applications to multiple sites, locations and third-party suppliers, contractors and vendors with a single click.

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Document management

Manage your labeling in our document management system

Think of it as SharePoint for labeling. Design, review, approve and control labeling from a centralized database without having to install software on workstations.

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Integrated printing

Integrate label printing with your business systems

Integrate label printing with SAP or other business systems to increase label accuracy, printing efficiency and establish single source of truth for your labeling data.

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Which deployment option is right for your business?


NiceLabel Cloud is the world's first cloud-based labeling software as a service. It includes everything you need to manage your labeling, from design, quality review and approval to printing and data management. It is hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud, which ensures high availability and secure storage of your label information.

Privately hosted

If you’re looking for a labeling solution that you can customize to meet your specific business and IT environment needs, we can deploy our labeling software to your private cloud infrastructure or on-premise IT infrastructure. With this option, you maintain a high level of control and responsibility over your labeling system.

Let us help you transform your labeling

We recognize that labeling is a critical part of your business, and that your labeling system needs to meet your business’ unique system, business and regulatory requirements. NiceLabel’s Professional Services Group (PSG) is a team of trained industry professionals who offer services tailored to your company and industry. PSG works with you to ensure your system is configured and implemented according to best practices. They are here to ensure a smooth, efficient transformation of your labeling.

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Configure. Don’t code.

When it comes to deploying our label management system in your business environment, we follow a "Configure, don’t code" approach. Instead of customizing our software via elaborate coding, we "configure" our software to work with and support your processes, products and systems. This rapid approach to integration and rapid application development means you’re up and running in no time. And that’s just the short-term benefit.

In the long-term, this approach saves you time and money on support.

Loads of complex coding requires highly specialized knowledge in order to support your product. The more customized the coding, the more dependent you are on the person who coded it in the first place. With our configuration approach, anyone who knows our product can provide you with support. You avoid having to pay both in terms of costly IT programming time and in downtime while you wait for support. It’s the most cost-effective, future-proof way to transform your labeling.

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Avoid unplanned downtime with our Software Maintenance Agreement

The NiceLabel Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) offers enhanced support and free software upgrades to NiceLabel customers. There are two levels of SMA support designed for customers of any size, and in any geographic location.

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Regardless of level, the NiceLabel SMA ensures that you have:

Priority access to NiceLabel technical experts who will work with you to quickly address issues and minimize interruptions to your business.

Free software upgrades, ensuring that you have the latest technology at your fingertips and a lower total cost of ownership.

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The key benefits of a modern Label Management System

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