Printer management

Manage all your printers remotely via the web

The web-based Control Center in NiceLabel saves you time and ensures your printers are ready to go. You can provision printers and update printer family drivers, manage printer settings for hundreds of printers and define role-based controls granting users access to their local printers.


How Printer management helps

Web-Based printer management simplifies printer administration and reduces demands on IT

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  • Prevent unplanned downtime and reduce IT costs
  • Increase security and printer control
  • Reduce the time and effort required to manage your printer settings

Install printers quickly
via web

Streamline the management of your print devices with web-based printer driver provisioning. This allows you to install or update printer drivers to a NiceLabel workstation remotely from the Control Center. Now, you no longer need to login remotely to the physical print server or workstation to install or update the printer driver.

Increase printer control with
role-based access

Define user permissions for printer groups with role-based access controls to ensure that users control only the printers that fall under their responsibility. You can set access permissions based on location or other relevant factors, adding more granularity to printer permissions. 

Reduce costs and increase security with web-based printer management

NiceLabel’s Control Center lets you change printer settings via the web, which saves you time, reduces unplanned downtime, lowers demands on IT resources and speeds the management of printers. You can also update the settings for groups of printers, rather than adjusting them one at a time. And, once you set the access permissions and printer profiles, you can delegate the responsibility of adjusting printer settings to the print operator, speeding label production and significantly reducing the amount of time a printer is unavailable.

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