Document management

Manage all your labels in one secure database

Countless organizations still struggle with label versioning/approval processes and manual quality assurance procedures. These legacy approaches to quality control are costly, error-prone and fail to satisfy many industry regulations, increasing the risks of mislabeling resulting in product quarantine, rework, scrappage, recall, fines and even lost business.



How the Document Management System helps

NiceLabel's Document Management System (DMS) is a modern HTML web-based application that stores all label documents and configurations in a central database.

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  • An integral part of the Label Management System, the DMS handles moving label design templates into production. It is the quality assurance and traceability tool that you use to manage and gain visibility into all phases of your labeling process.
  • Similar to Microsoft SharePoint, but built for labeling, the NiceLabel DMS offers an intuitive, easy approach to centrally controlling your entire labeling process.

Secure access to all of your documents

Secure centralized storage eliminates duplication

All label documents are stored in a central SQL database. Users check-in and check-out documents from our label designer to prevent conflicts if multiple individuals attempt to edit the same document at the same time.

Automatic document versioning provides transparency

Version control gives you a complete template and change request history for backup and audit purposes.

Template consolidation leads to more efficient operations

NiceLabel’s intelligent templates are optimized for over 5,000+ printer models, reducing the number of label variations you need to maintain.

Unique indexing and search helps reduce duplications

All elements contained in the label template are indexed so business users can quickly find, visually compare and modify templates. Searches cover the entire database, helping you avoid redundant or duplicated label variations.


Quality assurance

Secure, electronic approval workflows

The publishing approval workflow automates the routing of label documents to quality control managers for review and approval. Stakeholders are automatically notified via an email sent directly from the DMS. They can compare, approve or reject changes right in the system.

Label comparison provides quality assurance

The label compare feature automatically compares two label revisions and graphically highlights the differences. You can easily spot differences not readily apparent to the naked eye, and attain a higher level of quality control.

Keep full control of all label changes

Make label changes in a test environment and preview these changes before they go live in the production environment. This protects the core label data and ensures no unchecked changes are published in the live database. You get full control over how and when changes are published to make sure the information is correct and the organization is informed.

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Unsurpassed traceability and visibility

Unsurpassed traceability

Our DMS enables new levels of
traceability and visibility

The DMS history feature keeps a graphical view and data record for every label ever printed across your entire organization. History also keeps records of all system errors, events and alerts. It provides the necessary audit trails and documentation to comply with regulatory requirements. The DMS reports feature gives you the information you need to improve and fine-tune your production processes and compare the workload across servers, users and printers.


Analytics – business intelligence for labeling

Business intelligence for labeling
  • How many labels did you print and which label templates did you use?
  • Which printers were used the most and which were underutilized?
  • Who printed the labels?
  • Which and how much label material was used?

It’s easy to answer these questions and fully understand what and how you print. NiceLabel Analytics offers real time, advanced reporting to help you understand and improve your label printing process. It provides comprehensive reports on users, labels, printers, applications and materials used across your entire labeling environment. Simple filters allow you to easily create your own reports to gain better insight into labeling, uncover valuable information and further optimize the entire label production process across your organization.

Secure your labeling process with
role-based access control

Quality management systems and regulatory agencies often require comprehensive documentation and audit trails regarding your labeling processes. With our Label Management System, administrators get full control over who has access to specific labeling processes and can determine which level of access each user has. Role-based access control (RBAC) regulates access to documents and resources based on the roles of individual users. RBAC is supported using Windows Active Directory authentication.

Role based access control to your label management system

Avoid unplanned downtime with
printer management and alerts

Unscheduled downtime can mean costly delays for your business. The NiceLabel Label Management System includes printer management features and alerts that provide a real-time overview of all connected printers, active print jobs and connected clients. With this information, IT support can quickly resolve downtime issues. Administrators receive automatic email notifications when errors occur and address these immediately.


Learn how to digitally transform your labeling process

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