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  • NiceLabel Control Center performs poorly and you experience slow behavior

    Article ID: 158 - Updated: Apr 20, 2015 - Products: Control Center - Version: V5 - Category: Install and Upgrade

    When many users heavily use Control Center simultaneously, you may experience contention, poor performance, and deadlocks. The requests stop responding (or "hang") or take a very long time to execute. You receive the following messages in the System event log:...

  • NiceLabel EPM reports problems in the Registry

    Article ID: 159 - Updated: Aug 31, 2009 - Products: - Version: V5 - Category: Install and Upgrade

    The Event viewer on the computer with EPM fills up quickly with error events coming from the ‘Application Popup'. Every 5 seconds a new error event is logged. You receive the following message: An I/O operation initiated by the Registry failed...

  • Cannot print labels using Web Printing feature inside Control Center, or cannot access Document Storage from the clients

    Article ID: 161 - Updated: Apr 20, 2015 - Products: Control Center - Version: V5, V6 - Category: Install and Upgrade

    When you want to print labels on the Web using Web Printing feature in the Control Center, the procedure fails and no labels print out. You also cannot get any file (label, form, image) from the Document Storage. You may see the following message when you use...

  • The application startup is becoming slower at each run

    Article ID: 181 - Updated: Feb 26, 2010 - Products: - Version: V4, V5 - Category: Install and Upgrade

    When you run NiceLabel Express or NiceLabel Pro it takes more and more time to start it up. Progressively the time to startup the application increases with time.

  • Unfragging And Defragmenting Labels

    Article ID: 192 - Updated: Jun 18, 2020 - Products: Designer Express,Designer Pro - Version: V6, V5 - Category: Install and Upgrade

    NiceLabel software uses compound file structure for storing labels. Internally, compound files are organized into storages and streams, in much the same way that a hard disk is organized into folders and files.  The compound file structure has some benefits,...

  • SPLWOW64.EXE and its effect on NiceLabel software on Windows x64

    Article ID: 198 - Updated: Jun 18, 2020 - Products: All products - Version: V5 - Category: Install and Upgrade

    In its core NiceLabel software is developed as 32-bit application (future releases will be true 64-bit), while NiceDrivers are available as 32 or 64-bit drivers, whatever your system is. When you install NiceLabel (32-bit software) in 64-bit Windows system, it has...

  • Using host header names to access Web Printing site

    Article ID: 200 - Updated: Mar 4, 2019 - Products: Web printing - Version: V2019, V2017, V6 - Category: Install and Upgrade

    NiceLabel PowerForms Web relies on the component Web Printing site to accept the user login and provide the associated solution file to the authenticated user. The Web Printing site is the Web application running in the IIS on the Windows Server computer selected...

  • Label Design Optimizations

    Article ID: 219 - Updated: Apr 11, 2011 - Products: - Version: - Category: Install and Upgrade

    To achieve fast label printout make sure you send the minimum amount of data to the printer. Namely the shortest the printfile is the faster the transfer to the printer is resulting in the faster printout.

  • Automatic Font Replacement

    Article ID: 279 - Updated: Dec 8, 2020 - Products: Designer Express,Designer Pro,Designer PowerForms,Automation,Web printing - Version: any - Category: Install and Upgrade

    You might design your label templates to print text objects formatted as built-in printer fonts. Using internal printer fonts is mandatory when using printer internal counters. However, when you print such labels on a different kind of printer, your selected fonts...

  • Displaying thumbnails of NiceLabel clipart images

    Article ID: 284 - Updated: Sep 28, 2018 - Products: Designer Express,Designer Pro,Designer PowerForms - Version: V2017 - Category: Install and Upgrade

    Clipart images that are installed with NiceLabel software are available in various file formats, some are bitmap images (BMP, GIF), some are vector (WMF). When you browse the clipart folders from NiceLabel software, the standard Windows "File Open" dialog box is...

  • Pre-configuring NiceLabel installation with product.config

    Article ID: 289 - Updated: Mar 4, 2019 - Products: All products - Version: V2019, V2017 - Category: Install and Upgrade

    Installation of NiceLabel software can be semi-automated using pre-configuration options. Main NiceLabel preferences are defined in the configuration file product.config. You can edit this XML-structured text file to conform to the requirements of your environment....

  • Using 3rd party SMTP to send notification emails from NiceLabel Control Center

    Article ID: 297 - Updated: Sep 28, 2018 - Products: Control Center - Version: V2017 - Category: Install and Upgrade

    NiceLabel Document Management System (DMS) allows you to send notification emails for each change in document approval process. The person responsible for the next workflow step receives a message that contains: Summary of action taken in the previous workflow...

All results: 18