Complying with GS1: Barcodes and Labels for Products and Logistic Units

Understand the GS1 standards, GTINs, SSCC and the standards for logistic unit labelling.

We promise to make it easier to follow GS1 standards with a complete information kit on the subject.

  • Learn about the GS1 system, why it matters and all the steps on barcoding your products the right way through our handbook.
  • Familiarize yourself with GTINs, how to identify your trade items and how to select the right identifiers for your business.
  • Understand the logistics labelling system, how to create an SSCC and an accurate Standard International Logistic Label.
  • Get valuable tips and tricks to streamline and optimize your barcodes and logistic labels in our blog.
  • Learn how NiceLabel’s Label Creator makes compliance with standards and logistic labelling an easy task, saving you time and money.

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