NiceLabel Service Release - v4.1 Build 949

15. Nov. 2006

V4.1 Build 949 is a service release to existing NiceLabel software 4.1. The build 949 provides solution to reported problems and strenghtens the stability of the software.

The main addition in NiceLabel software v4.1 is documentation in the German language. NiceLabel software was already available in more than 20 different languages. However the full software documentation is available for some languages only.

Now NiceLabel software has the following documentation available in the German language:

  • Help files for NiceLabel editions (Express, Pro, Suite)
  • User Guides for all NiceLabel editions (Express, Pro, Suite)
  • NiceLabel Quick Start Guide

If you already own NiceLabel software in the version 4 (any build), you can update to the build 949 for free. Just download the new installation and install NiceLabel on top of the existing build.

More information: