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  • Seeing live status of the network label printer using Advanced Port Monitor

    Article ID: 189 - Updated: - Products: - Version: V5 - Category: Connectivity and Database

    NiceLabel software and NiceDrivers allow for bidirectional communication with the printer hardware. You can see statuses reported by printers in the NiceLabel software. The status messages greatly depend on the brand/model of the label printer and printer...

  • Silverlight support in Chrome

    Article ID: 272 - Updated: - Products: - Version: any - Category: Connectivity and Database

    Silverlight is a NPAPI plugin which in Chrome v42 and newer are disabled by default. When you try to load the NiceLabel PowerForms Web/Cloud solution in Chrome v42 and newer, the "Checking Prerequisites" step will prompt you to install Silverlight plugin, even if it...

  • NiceLabel Automation Compatibility with NiceLabel Designers V6 and NiceWatch V5

    Article ID: 251 - Updated: - Products: - Version: V1 - Category: Compatibility and Migration

    NiceLabel Automation is built upon new-generation core and as such does not support the entire feature-set of the previous-generation software, such as NiceWatch. Majority of the existing NiceWatch configurations can be imported into NiceLabel Automation and used...