NiceLabel entre los "campeones ocultos", los líderes del mercado relativamente pequeños pero altamente exitosos

8. Oct. 2019

NiceLabel is one of the 105 most successful companies in 22 countries of Central- and South-Eastern Europe, according to the recent research, conducted by IEDC business school and CEEMAN management development association, with support of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The objective of their extensive international research project was to identify CEE and SEE companies that are the leaders in their respective niche sectors and international markets.

The Hidden Champions are highly innovative and specialized small and medium-sized companies that are leading internationally in their niches.  The concept of Hidden Champions was first identified and studied by Hermann Simon, a world-renowned expert in strategy, marketing and pricing.

Following the initial research project in 2011 that also identified NiceLabel as a “Hidden Champion”, the 2018-19 IEDC/CEEMAN research project’s 66 researchers examined 304 companies from 22 countries and identified 105 “Hidden Champions” among them. Additional information about the research project is available here

“Since 2011, when NiceLabel was characterized as a ‘Hidden Champion’ for the first time, the business has grown five times and created over 100 new high-quality jobs.  This is very consistent with the research hypothesis and the findings in the original German research.  In NiceLabel's case it’s a story of combining the skills and experience of a very diverse group of people globally within NiceLabel and in the many partnerships it has to the benefit of multiple stakeholders,” said Chris Walsh, NiceLabel CEO.