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Date: November 28, 2018

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Detalles del paquete de controladores
Latest version:
Release date:
November 28, 2018
Installation guides
Installation Guides:
Drivers tested on
Tested on:
Windows: 10, 8, 8.1, 7
Windows Server: 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008

Impresoras compatibles

Bidirectional El modelo de impresora es compatible con la comunicación bidireccional. El controlador NiceLabel puede obtener información sobre el estado de la impresora. El estado puede informarse y mostrarse en el software de NiceLabel.
Rfid Esta impresora admite RFID. Puede programar que las etiquetas RFID se incrusten en la etiqueta inteligente.
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CG208
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CG212
  • Bidirectional SATO CG408
  • Bidirectional SATO CG412
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL408e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL412e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL608e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL612e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CT408i
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CT412i
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CT424i
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CW408
  • Bidirectional SATO CZ408
  • Bidirectional SATO CZ412
  • Bidirectional SATO DR308e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO GL408e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO GL412e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO GT408e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO GT412e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO GT424e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO GZ408e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO GZ412e
  • Bidirectional SATO GZ608e
  • Bidirectional SATO GZ612e
  • Bidirectional SATO HR212
  • Bidirectional SATO HR224
  • Bidirectional SATO LC408e
  • Bidirectional SATO LC412e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO LM408e
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO LM412e
  • Bidirectional SATO Lt408
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO M-10e
  • Bidirectional SATO M-5900RVe
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX 203dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX 609dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO CL4NX-J 305dpi
  • Bidirectional SATO CL6NX 203dpi
  • Bidirectional SATO CL6NX 305dpi
  • Bidirectional SATO FX3-LX DT305-Ln
  • Bidirectional SATO GY412T
  • Bidirectional SATO M84 Pro 200DPI
  • Bidirectional SATO M84 Pro 300DPI
  • Bidirectional SATO M84 Pro 600DPI
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO M-8459Se
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO M-8460Se
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO M-8465Se
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO M-8485Se
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO M-8490Se
  • Bidirectional SATO MB200i
  • Bidirectional SATO MB201i
  • Bidirectional SATO MB400i
  • Bidirectional SATO MB410i
  • Bidirectional SATO PW208mNX
  • Bidirectional SATO PW208NX
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S-8408
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S-8412
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S-8424
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S84-ex 203dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S84-ex 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO S84-ex 609dpi
  • Bidirectional SATO S86-ex 203dpi
  • Bidirectional SATO S86-ex 305dpi
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO TG308
  • Bidirectional Rfid SATO TG312
  • Bidirectional SATO WS408
  • Bidirectional SATO WS412

Notas de la versión

Software latest release notes
Release versionRelease description
Ver.: Added new RFID tag Mifare Ultralight EV1 to SATO CLxNX.
Ver.: Added new RFID I-Code SLIX (Takaya) RFID tag.
Ver.: SATO S84-ex and SATO S86-ex models support also internal fonts U, M, S, XB and XL.
Ver.: Added real time clock support on following fonts: WB, WL, OCR-A, OCR-B, XB, XL, and X20-X24.
Ver.: Solved issue with driver crash or settings not saved after updating more than one printer using the same driver model.
PW208NX, PW208mNX, SATO FX3-LX DT305-Ln and GY412T printers are supported in SATO NiceLabel driver.
Speed setting for S8408/S8412/S8424 driver is now correct.
Code128 is can now use mode C if its data requires it for optimal encoding.
Code 128 A, B and C now always start in heir correct mode.
Printing HF RFID tag with enabled EAS is working correctly now.
Ver.: Improved status checking from NiceLabel to show the latest possible value.
Ver.: Improved Advanced TCP/IP port stability and information when logging is enabled.
Ver.: Button "Open printing preferences" is added to the last installation page. By clicking on this button installer opens printing preferences of recently installed printer. 
Ver.: Unprintable area behaviour and backward compatibility was corrected.
Ver.: Fixed issue with prints remaining in spooler until spooler is restarted or bidirectional support is turned off and on again.
Ver.: Driver help file has been updated.
Ver.: Maxicode in Mode 3 (alphanumeric postal code) containing characters (not only digits) did not print. This is fixed now.
Ver.: Print Test Page button functionality was improved.
Ver.: Status (monitor) files are upadted for SATO printers.
Ver.: "Test print" button is added to driver's properties dialog. It prints test label to help user adjust printer settings correctly.
Ver.: Bidirectional mode selection (Status4/Status5) has been removed from driver's GUI. Driver automatically detects correct mode.
Ver.: Updated maximum print dimensions for SATO printers.
Ver.: Overlays enabled on SATO NX printers.
Ver.: PJM tag support was added to SATO CL4NX-J printers.
Ver.: GS1Datamatrix and GS1Code128 compatibility was improved for NL65.
Ver.: Fixed max offset for start position on barcode verifier (CLNX models).
Ver.: Correct driver's language is selected in language list prior driver installation.
Ver.: RFID read and print as content of 2D code is working now.
Ver.: Fixed issue with incorrect QR barcode size or errors in stream when printing QR barcode using barcode fonts. Changed QR encoding from UTF8 back to Shift JIS using barcode fonts.
Ver.: Stability and compatibility was improved when using from NiceLabel Automation.
Ver.: Downloading font procedure was improved.
Ver.: Internal flash option is not available for S84ex/S86ex printer when doing store label to printer.
Ver.: Minimum offset (left and top) margins are corrected.
Ver.: Added PJM RFID support for CL4NX models.
Ver.: Maximum dimensions for 2D codes are expanded.
Ver.: Added support for the new SATO LC4e printers.
Ver.: GS1-128 encoding set to mode C when possible.
Ver.: Additional predefined RTC added to SATO printers (hh:mm).
Ver.: Korean language added.
Ver.: Fixed issue with some windows applications showing negative quantity numbers in print dialog.
Ver.: Installation of 32bit driver for sharing printer on 64bit OS has failed. This is corrected now.
Ver.: Implemented "Two color areas" for some SATO printers (CTi).
Ver.: Label size is part of data when storing label template on new NX and S86ex printers.
Ver.: When opening label file created with old printer driver version NiceLabel has crashed. This is corrected now.
Ver.: WS408 and WS412 printer models are supported in SATO NiceLabel driver.
Ver.: When using XML sore/recall Unicode strings are not printed correctly. This is corrected now.
Ver.: Fixed issue with Advanced TCP/IP port incorrectly handling multiple connections to same printer which could result in jobs being stuck in spooler or even data loss.
Ver.: Fixed issue with data being sent to printer when the printer is in error state.
Ver.: Merge from v5 to v7 driver is now working OK also for cutter parameters.
Ver.: Fixed preview for hour in labelling software when using printer clock variable (timezone was not handled correctly).
Ver.: When switching from printer model without media type option to the printer with media type, default driver setting is not used. This is corrected now.
Ver.: Fixed issue with MicroPDF not being printed when version is set to automatic mode.
Ver.: SATO S84ex and S86ex printer models use now "2D" command for all 2D codes.
Ver.: When exporting label using XML export, label name is the same now in export file and recall file.
Ver.: UPC-A, EAN8 and EAN-13 barcodes with human readable were disabled when used with real time clock on S84ex printers.
Ver.: Unit "system default" is no longer available as one of the possible measurement units on driver's GUI. Therefore all labels stored with "system default" unit will be opened with measurement unit set to cm.
Ver.: Port monitor on second print has crashed print spooler when using Advanced TCP/IP. This is fixed now..
Ver.: Some characters (<ETX>, <STX>, ...) were incorrectly encoded in CODE128 barcodes.
Ver.: Added "Command Fonts" option to the driver.
Ver.: Fixed issue with missing first character in text when using X23 and X24 fonts on HR2xx printer models.
Ver.: Fixed issue with unprintable area on labels made by version 5 drivers being positrionned on the wrong side.
Ver.: Fixed issue with high graphics being cut into more then one image. Graphics are now cut only if they are over the size supported by printer.
Ver.: Added new NFC Rfid tags and lock support to Sato printers.
Ver.: TID memory bank is now one of the data fields for EPC (Class 1) Gen2 tag.
Ver.: "Use legacy RFID locking command" option is added to GUI. This is option is available just on SATO CLNX, CLNXJ and S84ex series.
Concatenate functionality is supported.
Ver.: Lock parameter is send with IP0 command also when unlock is selected.
Ver.: Registry setting for close connection type was added.
Ver.: If counter variables are not internal will not be present in recall stream.
Ver.: Corrected label size capability calculation.