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Date: September 11, 2023

Driver INFO

Drivers package details
Latest version:
Release date:
September 11, 2023
Installation guides
Installation Guides:
Drivers tested on
Tested on:
Windows: 11, 10, 8.1
Windows Server: 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2

Supported printers

Bidirectional The printer model supports bidirectional communication. NiceLabel driver can obtain the feedback of the printer status. The status can be reported to and displayed in NiceLabel software.
  • Bidirectional Bever PowerPrint-10A

Release notes

Software latest release notes
Release versionRelease description
Ver.: 10.5.0 Added support for requesting multiple status queries at the same time.
Printer options resolution, darkness and speed are now correctly merged when changing printer models.
Stabilized communication interface between the driver and the Label Design application.
Removed limitation of loaded driver packages on Server 2008 and Server 2016 system.
Ver.: 10.0.0 Fixed problems in case user set different HDPI and VDPI in landscape orientation.
Menu for using settings from printer or driver is redesigned and improved.
Added capability to set all printer supported parameters to be controlled by the printer.
Added support for web based printer management.
Change the print preview so when the label is too long the end of the label is visible.
Ver.: 8.5.0 Communication with the printer is working now also when port monitor logging is enabled on non English Windows OS.
Ver.: 8.3.1
Improved performance
Driver initialisation time was decreased for up to 30%.

Smaller file footprint
Driver file size was reduced for up to 60%.

Improved installation utility
PrnInst better supports multi user environments. Driver upgrade procedure was improved for installations with large number of printers.
Ver.: 8.2.0 Driver stability was improved and memory usage was optimized.
Ver.: 8.0.50 User can now use Reload to upload entire list of virtual fonts to printer again, instead uploading each virtual font individually.
Procedure for updating printers is improved in Prninst application that all settings for all users are correctly preserved.
Prninst application automatically detects printer(s) connected to local network.
Ver.: 8.0.22 Fixed print spooler crash using latest driver's language monitor.
Ver.: 8.0.21 Driver Maintenance, Settings and Support actions are working also with printer name longer than 32 characters.
Ver.: 8.0.20
Initial Version 8 release:
Redesigned and updated User Interface.
Added and improved Print Preview to be shown on more panels.
Added new Tool options for easier Maintenance, Setup and Support.
Added options for sending files or commands to the printer.
Added possibility to toggle Status Checking during printing.
Fixed in-corrections when displaying driver on High-DPI monitors.

During printer driver installation and uninstallation the Unicode printer names are fully supported.

Improved displaying of Network discovered printers while sorting and graying already installed printers during printer driver installation.

Minimized the frequency of displaying the splwow64 thunking spooler (SplWow64) message during printer installation.

Upgraded uninstall of Ports and Port Monitors when printer removing the printer driver.

During printer driver installation additional fields Location and Comment can be set.
Ver.: 7.8.30 Improved status checking from NiceLabel to show the latest possible value.
Improved Advanced TCP/IP port stability and information when logging is enabled.
Button "Open printing preferences" is added to the last installation page. By clicking on this button installer opens printing preferences of recently installed printer.
Ver.: 7.8.1 Print Test Page button functionality was improved.
"Test print" button is added to driver's properties dialog. It prints test label to help user adjust printer settings correctly.
Ver.: 7.3.60 Installation of 32bit driver for sharing printer on 64bit OS has failed. This is corrected now.
Ver.: 7.3.1 Printer install wizard failed to add new LAN port. This is fixed now.
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