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Date: February 11, 2021

Driver INFO

Drivers package details
Latest version:
Release date:
February 11, 2021
Installation guides
Installation Guides:
Drivers tested on
Tested on:
Windows: 10, 8.1
Windows Server: 2019, 2016, 2012 R2

Supported printers

  • Leibinger JET2neo
  • Leibinger JET2neoS
  • Leibinger JET3pro
  • Leibinger JET3up

Release notes

Software latest release notes
Release versionRelease description
Ver.: 5.3.7 All printers except Jet3up are sending also mirror value with JLPAR command and not just with JOBPAR. This change will effect mirror also for older firmware versions.
Ver.: Leibinger printer driver supports also Asian and OU type of internal printer fonts.
Ver.: Leibinger JET3up printer model is supported.
Ver.: Leibinger JET3pro driver can be used for JET3up models (JET3up, JET3up PRO, JET3up MI, JET3up PI and JET3up EP).
Ver.: Leibinger JET2 printer support also Mirror option.
Ver.: 4 additional fonts (07x05, 09x07) with different contrast values are supported.
QR and GS1 Data Matrix code are supported as internal element.
Print job contains designed label name.
For JET3 pro mode user can set maximum 32 dots high label, while for JET2 24 dots. This are also default values.
Leibinger JET2 pro printer model is removed from driver distribution, because this model has never exist.
Ver.: Printer uses latest software version V1.06.0.27.
RTC commands for date have been corrected and also additional formats added.
User can print also rectangular Datamatrix code which increase the print speed.
Datamatrix code does not include static text element.
Mirror-inverted option is moved from Advanced Setup dialog to Advanced Setup > Job parameters dialog. Also the command is changed.
Ver.: Printer RTC masks have been corrected (Julian date, Week day, Calendar week and hh:mm:ss ) so preview in NL2017 is correct. User with existing labels using any of corrected RTC formats, need to reselect the RTC picture.
Ver.: Leibinger internal printer fonts can be printed also inverse.
Ver.: User can set variable label height for all Leibinger printers. Before this correction label height has been fixed.
Ver.: Fixed missing internal printer counter on printout.
Ver.: Leibinger printer driver supports internal printer Arabic fonts.
Ver.: Leibinger internal printer fonts support x-expansion which is used to create bold output.
Ver.: Fixed spooler crash when printing from NiceLabel 2017 to a printer using Advanced TCP/IP port.
Ver.: Port monitor crashed print spooler on the second print when using Advanced TCP/IP. This is fixed now.
Ver.: Min/Max values for hardware counter can now exceed 32000.
Ver.: Fixed issue with DNS IP resolution not working when printer network name is longer then 25 characters.

Fixed About dialog issue with garbage after name for printers with name >= 32 chars.

Ver.: Fixed NiceLabel crash when changing the printer on Label Setup>Printer dialog and then disabling "Use advanced printer driver interface".
Ver.: When updating drivers which have already defined their own stocks, barcode fonts or command fonts, PrnInst application failed with message box "List index out of bounds". This is fixed now.
Ver.: Installer ends if user choose "don't install..." option in Windows warning dialog.
Ver.: Fixed issue where editing a stock causes an error message.
Ver.: Leibinger JET2neoS printer is supported.
Ver.: The PG hold off unit is mm in the GUI, but the driver sends this value in µm to the printer.
Updated Dutch translations for some GUI options.
Flight time compensation unit is in micro second.
Default PrintGo delay is 20mm (not 20000mm).
Ver.: New Leibinger neo printers was added to printer driver distribution.
Print stream for all Leibinger printers has been corrected (CR/LF added at the end, no more duplicate BEGINLJSCRIPT and ENDLJSCRIPT).
Start and initial values are the same now for internal counter.
Ver.: Leibinger JET3 printer is sending 16 parameters within JOBPAR command while other printer models still send 10 parameters for JOBPAR command.
Ver.: Implemented support for Leibinger Jet2 neo printer.
Ver.: Print mode parameter option list has been updated. Values are different according to firmware version which could be selected on the GUI.
Ver.: Printer Install Wizard supports silent installation of Port Monitor modules.
Ver.: Print mode option list in Job parameter dialog is reduced to the level supported by firmware until V1.04. This correction prevents printer to go in different print mode as set in the combo box. This is the only way that makes print mode working for all firmware versions.
Ver.: New languages supported are: Danish, Hebrew, Slovak and Portuguese (Brazil). Portuguese language is removed.
Ver.: Language monitor will now retry sending data to printer 3 times before reporting an error to spooler.

PrnInst utility quits driver installation if user doesn't trust the publisher.

Ver.: Driver settings are now correctly updated after being imported.

When printing from labeling softeware (version above print functionality is the same as "Export to printer". All variables are exported to the printer and there is no print quantity dialog.

Ver.: PrnInst didn't not work on folders with long path name. Current version support paths up to 260 (MAX_PATH) characters.
Ver.: Leibinger printers have additional GUI control option for PGHoldOff parameter in job parameter list.
Ver.: Help file was updated with a note that some applications can lock the driver and prevent it from being updated by a new version.

On Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 users were not able to change language settings. Now they can change language settings if they have administrative rights.

Ver.: Microsoft Access was reporting wrong paper names when custom stocks are defined in driver. Now it works OK.

After leaving an edit field the values in it are now correctly checked according to their specified minimum/maximum values and displayed in correct format for the selected measurement unit.

Ver.: 5.1.01 4402 Add a line stating the requirements needed for asian fonts to be printed correctly by the driver.

Prevent occasional labeling software crash when loading labels created with NiceLabel drivers older than version 4.6.16.

Ver.: Cutter functionality corrected for printing from Windows applications and cutter set to cut every n labels.
Ver.: Solved problem with multi-thread printing (sometimes the stream is not correct).
Ver.: Implemented support for Leibinger Jet2 printer.
Speed and Darkness settings are removed from Options dialog, because they are not used in print stream.
Ver.: Driver help for barcode font "y dimension" updated.

All the drivers are now digitaly signed to allow installation on Windows 8.

Ver.: In some rare cases driver crashed when printing a Code128 barcode. This is corrected now.
Ver.: Fixed occasional Spooler crash when printing Word document with very long filename.

Advanced Port monitor can now be added by using Windows Add New Port Type option.


Port monitor now reconnectes to printer after lost connection


Numeric GS1Databar barcode types no longer have data size requirements


Driver update didn't preserve settings for all installed printers. This is fixed now.

Ver.: In some case of printing big graphics (color on 64-bit OS for example) the graphic elements could be missing. This is corrected now.
Ver.: Obsolete monitor.inf files were removed from drivers that still had them
Ver.: Removed warning message for special ports, when installing printer driver with Printer Installation Wizard.

If connected to standard Windows TCP/IP port then show warning message.

Printer error detailes were missing while printing. The status reporting issue was limited to NicePrintQueue, Enterprise Print Manager(EPM) and NiceLabel.

Ver.: Advanced TCP/IP port monitor now supports connections to names as well as IP addresses.

Rotation option on userinterface and QR and MicroQR barcode font rotation now work correctly

Ver.: Spooler crash when changing printer port while printing was fixed.
Ver.: Custom settings for unprintable now work correctly
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