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Date: May 17, 2023

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Latest version:
Release date:
May 17, 2023
Installation guides
Installation Guides:
Drivers tested on
Tested on:
Windows: 11, 10, 8.1
Windows Server: 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2

Supported printers

Bidirectional The printer model supports bidirectional communication. NiceLabel driver can obtain the feedback of the printer status. The status can be reported to and displayed in NiceLabel software.
  • Bidirectional CAB A2+ 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A2+ 300DPI K
  • Bidirectional CAB A2+ 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A3 203DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A3 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A3-2 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A4 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A4 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A4.3+ 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A4.3+ 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A4+ 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A4+ 200DPI K
  • Bidirectional CAB A4+ 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A4+ 300DPI K
  • Bidirectional CAB A4+ 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A4+ 600DPI K
  • Bidirectional CAB A6
  • Bidirectional CAB A6+ 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A6+ 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A8
  • Bidirectional CAB A8 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A8+ 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Apollo 1 200
  • Bidirectional CAB Apollo 1 300RS
  • Bidirectional CAB Apollo 2 300
  • Bidirectional CAB Apollo 2 300R
  • Bidirectional CAB Apollo 3 200
  • Bidirectional CAB Apollo 3 200R
  • Bidirectional CAB Apollo 3 300
  • Bidirectional CAB Apollo 3 300R
  • Bidirectional CAB Apollo 4 200
  • Bidirectional CAB Apollo 4 300
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes A2/L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes A2/L 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes A2/R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes A2/R 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes A4/L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes A4/L 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes A4/R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes A4/R 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes A5/L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes A5/L 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes A5/R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes A5/R 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 2L 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 2R 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 4.3L 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 4.3L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 4.3R 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 4.3R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 4L 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 4L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 4L 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 4R 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 4R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 4R 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 6L 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 6L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 6R 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 6R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB M4 203DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB M4 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB MACH 4 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB MACH 4 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB MACH 4 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX4.3/L 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX4.3/L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX4.3/R 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX4.3/R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX4/L 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX4/L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX4/L 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX4/R 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX4/R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX4/R 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX6/L 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX6/L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX6/R 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX6/R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB XC Q4 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB XC Q6.3 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB XC4/300
  • Bidirectional CAB XC6/300
  • Bidirectional CAB XD Q4 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB XD4L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB XD4M 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A4+M 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A4+M 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A4+T 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB A4+T 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB AXON 1.1 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB AXON 1.1 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB AXON 1.2 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB AXON 1.2 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB EOS1/200
  • Bidirectional CAB EOS1/300
  • Bidirectional CAB EOS2/200
  • Bidirectional CAB EOS2/300
  • Bidirectional CAB EOS4/200
  • Bidirectional CAB EOS4/300
  • Bidirectional CAB EOS5/200
  • Bidirectional CAB EOS5/300
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes C 6L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q2L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q2L 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q2R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q2R 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q4.3L 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q4.3L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q4.3R 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q4.3R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q4L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q4L 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q4R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q4R 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q6.3L 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q6.3L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q6.3R 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes Q6.3R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 2L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB Hermes+ 2R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB MACH 4.3S 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB MACH 4.3S 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB MACH 4S 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB MACH 4S 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX Q4.3/L 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX Q4.3/L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX Q4.3/R 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX Q4.3/R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX Q4/L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX Q4/L 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX Q4/R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX Q4/R 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX Q6.3L 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX Q6.3L 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX Q6.3R 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB PX Q6.3R 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 2 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 2 300DPI P
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 2 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 2 600DPI P
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4 300DPI M
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4 300DPI MP
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4 300DPI MT
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4 300DPI P
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4 300DPI R
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4 600DPI M
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4 600DPI MP
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4 600DPI MT
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4 600DPI P
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4 600DPI R
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4.3 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4.3 200DPI M
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4.3 200DPI MP
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4.3 200DPI MT
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4.3 200DPI P
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4.3 200DPI R
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4.3 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4.3 300DPI M
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4.3 300DPI MP
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4.3 300DPI MT
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4.3 300DPI P
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 4.3 300DPI R
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 6.3 200DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 6.3 200DPI P
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 6.3 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 6.3 300DPI P
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 8.3 300DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB SQUIX 8.3 300DPI P
  • Bidirectional CAB XD Q4.2 600DPI
  • Bidirectional CAB XD4T 300DPI

Release notes

Software latest release notes
Release versionRelease description
Ver.: 10.4.2 New printer models supported: Squix 8.3 series, XC Q4, XC Q6.3, XD Q4, XD Q4.2, AXON 1.1, AXON 1.2
Corrected ribbon saving function for dual color printers.
Ver.: 10.3.2 Label width and height can be set to “use settings set on the printer”.
Both settings remain editable so the user can set label size correctly for design purposes.
Fixed graphics stitching overlap or stitching gap problems on large labels.
Larger graphics no longer get cut on 600dpi printers.
Unicode variable names are supported.
Fixed issue with cancel before print delay not being disabled when cancel before print is not turned on.
Ver.: 10.1.2 Fixed graphics positioning on some 300 dpi printers.
Ver.: 10.0.0 Fixed problems in case user set different HDPI and VDPI in landscape orientation.
Menu for using settings from printer or driver is redesigned and improved.
Added capability to set all printer supported parameters to be controlled by the printer.
Added support for web based printer management.
Change the print preview so when the label is too long the end of the label is visible.
Ver.: 8.8.0 Improve driver functionality in case controlling peel off operation offset on the printer.
Ver.: 8.7.0 Fixed graphic printing on 600dpi models.
Fixed cancel before print option not working on SQUIX printer models with latest firmware. Fixed issue with printer status not being shown correctly on SQUIX models with latest firmware.
Driver is signed with updated certificate. Changed timestamp server to avoid "unknown certificate" issue on some OS systems.
Ver.: 8.5.0 Fixed issue where "cancel before print" option caused extended delays in printing.
Communication with the printer is working now also when port monitor logging is enabled on non English Windows OS.
Ver.: 8.4.0 Removed mention of uploading firmware from from Send File action.
Create class that is capable of
- stopping a service
- starting a service
Verify that service is correctly stopped
Do we want to kill the service in case of timeout?
Ver.: Fixed slow UI operation when using VPN connected printer.
Ver.: Fixed driver crash when using LPR port and export driver settings.
Ver.: 8.3.1
Improved performance
Driver initialisation time was decreased for up to 30%.

Smaller file footprint
Driver file size was reduced for up to 60%.

Improved installation utility
PrnInst better supports multi user environments. Driver upgrade procedure was improved for installations with large number of printers.
Ver.: Updated minimum label width and height information for all models with correct values.
Ver.: 8.2.4
CAB Hermes Q and CAB PX Q series are supported in NiceLabel driver.
Ver.: Driver stability was improved and memory usage was optimized.
Ver.: User can now use Reload to upload entire list of virtual fonts to printer again, instead uploading each virtual font individually.
Ver.: Procedure for updating printers is improved in Prninst application that all settings for all users are correctly preserved.
Ver.: Prninst application automatically detects printer(s) connected to local network.
Ver.: Status "Feeding" is no longer classified as an error but as a informational status.
Ver.: CAB printers support also backfeed option.
Ver.: GS1 Datamatrix is printed with correct rows and columns value.
Ver.: Fixed print spooler crash using latest driver's language monitor.
Ver.: CAB printers cannot print rounded rectangles as internal element.
Ver.: Driver Maintenance, Settings and Support actions are working also with printer name longer than 32 characters.
Initial Version 8 release:
Redesigned and updated User Interface.
Added and improved Print Preview to be shown on more panels.
Added new Tool options for easier Maintenance, Setup and Support.
Added options for sending files or commands to the printer.
Added possibility to toggle Status Checking during printing.
Fixed in-corrections when displaying driver on High-DPI monitors.
Ver.: During printer driver installation and uninstallation the Unicode printer names are fully supported.
Ver.: Improved displaying of Network discovered printers while sorting and graying already installed printers during printer driver installation.
Ver.: Minimized the frequency of displaying the splwow64 thunking spooler (SplWow64) message during printer installation.
Ver.: Upgraded uninstall of Ports and Port Monitors when printer removing the printer driver.
Ver.: During printer driver installation additional fields Location and Comment can be set.
Edited by ZTestEngineer on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 9:50 PM (UTC+2)
Read the note for bug 31821 and learned that Applicator options are only available for ZT600 and ZD411 and ZD421 printers. Testing with those printers demonstrates that this fix is working.

^JJ0,0,l,f,d,e was generated.
Edited by ZTestEngineer on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 9:30 PM (UTC+2)
Unable to verify fix as the "Applicator Options" is not displayed in the UI. See attached screen shot32058_Picture.JPG

Operation mode -> Applicator options -> Start signal print -> Level mode generates incorrect value.
Ver.: Generation of unique job and graphic names is corrected.
Ver.: Fixed memory leak when printing graphics.
Ver.: Fixed issue with duplicate IDs when using a Text Box with internal fonts and multiple lines.
Ver.: Solved issue with driver crash or settings not saved after updating more than than one printer using the same driver model.
Ver.: Removed MACH 4 300DPI K model from distribution.
Ver.: XD printer models can print up to 2000mm and not just 1000mm.
Ver.: Added "top marker" option to SQUIX models.
Ver.: Extended darkness span on EOS models from -10 to +20.
Ver.: Added CAB EOS5 203 and 300 dpi printer models.
Ver.: Print optimisation is set to none for all printers except colour and double sided printers.
Ver.: Improved Advanced TCP/IP port stability and information when logging is enabled.
Ver.: Button "Open printing preferences" is added to the last installation page. By clicking on this button installer opens printing preferences of recently installed printer.
Ver.: CAB driver does not send negative coordinate if element is out of the print area in label design.
Ver.: Unprintable area behaviour and backward compatibility was corrected.
Ver.: Media type change on stock dialog did not change corresponding picture immediately.
Ver.: Fixed issue with labels being horizontally offset on Squix M models
Ver.: Operation type "None" no longer enables perforation actions.
Ver.: Improved status checking from NiceLabel to show the latest possible value.
Ver.: Added Printer Rotation option.
Ver.: Cutter on CAB is working now also with condition for variable change from NiceLabel.
Ver.: Newly created network port name has fixed prefix LAN_.
Ver.: When connection is made made to port 1024 port monitor will read responses from port 1025
Ver.: Fixed printing substitution fonts from some applications.
Ver.: Combination of always use driver settings and stocks is now working.
Ver.: Number of copies (quantity) now works from custom applications that do not use print dialog.
Ver.: Added support for operation mode "None" which is also the default value.
Improved CAB driver stability if barcode data is empty.
Ver.: Removed mirror option from colour printers.
Removed label rotation command from colour printers.
Ver.: The number of printers selected for uninstallation is now shown correctly.
Ver.: Counters with leading zeros works now properly when recalling from keyboard.
Ver.: Changed graphic ID calculation so there could be over 99 graphic elements on the label.
Ver.: Graphic elements are printed with store/recall functionality also after printer is restarted.
Ver.: Maximum media width is larger than maximum print width for all CAB models. Positioning (center/left) for SQUIX and MACH4S printer models is corrected.
Ver.: Store to printer option now works correctly also with graphic elements on the label.
Ver.: Counter settings are preserved when a message is recalled.
Ver.: Fixed some settings not working on the printer.
Ver.: Fixed batch cut from Windows applications.
Ver.: Fixed issue with print optimisation where previous data stayed on label in when the data entry was empty.
Ver.: Fixed incorrect printout when printing from Windows applications (GDI)
Ver.: Barcode RFID Read and Print functionality is working now for all 1D barcodes.
Ver.: Extended available port numbers in Advanced TCP/IP port from 32000 to 65535.
Ver.: Missing Japanese translation of "Use legacy calendar print command".
Ver.: Solved issue with driver crash or settings not saved after updating more than one printer using the same driver model.
Ver.: Driver now correctly cuts from applications that use ResetDC.
Ver.: Printing bar code fonts from Excel files, created on Japanese systems should now work.
Ver.: Elements on double side and double color printers are now positioned correctly on all pages.
Ver.: Labels with multi-line elements failed to print because of duplicated ids. This is fixed now.
Ver.: Labels on SQUIX models are center positioned.
Ver.: Print Test Page button functionality was improved.
Ver.: Maximum barcode height limitation is extended for Code39,Code93, UPCA, UPCE, EAN13, EAN8 and Code128.
Ver.: Copyright info on About info changed from 2017 to 2018.
Ver.: Corrected printout for print test page option. Printed text was not using correct size.
Ver.: In case of LAN port the printer is now installed on the recently created port.
Ver.: Labels for two colour/side printers designed outside of NiceLabel now correctly use the right part of the label for the second print head.
Ver.: Fixed issue with positioning alignment between internal printer elements(text, lines, bar codes) and graphics.
Ver.: Fixed variable graphic printing in GDI (disabled nice interface) mode.
Ver.: Bidirectional status was added to driver export settings.
Ver.: Printer Installation Wizard language compatibility fixed.

Updating driver preserves correct stock (paper) names.

Ver.: Corrected job status when driver cannot establish a connection with the printer.
Ver.: Characters from several different character sets like cyrillic or greek are now printed correctly from Windows applications.
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