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  • Configuring Firewall for Network Triggers

    Article ID: 287 - Updated: - Products: - Version: V7,V1 - Category: Other

    The term network trigger identifies a trigger that runs upon TCP/IP protocol. In Automation such triggers are TCP/IP trigger, HTTP trigger and Web Service trigger. These triggers provide network service and are bound to the network interface card, its IP address and...

  • Differences in NiceLabel 2017 compared with NiceLabel 6

    Article ID: 282 - Updated: - Products: - Version: V7 - Category: Compatibility and Migration

    Introduction NiceLabel 2017 is the next-generation of NiceLabel software; built from the ground up on a .NET platform. NiceLabel 2017 inherits a lot of the concepts and functionality from the NiceLabel 6 software, but is based on new technology. As such, some of...

  • Label objects print as black rectangles

    Article ID: 292 - Updated: - Products: - Version: V7,V1 - Category: Fixed Issues

    When printing certain graphical objects on labels, they print as black images and not with the defined content. The following label objects are affected: 2D codes, Rich Text box.