The future of manufacturing is digital

As manufacturers prepare for the impact the Internet of Things (IoT) will have on their operations, they are recognizing the need to digitally transform their labeling. In order to compete in an increasingly connected world, where high-quality products must be delivered faster and to more markets, legacy approaches to labeling, with manual processes and disparate printing solutions simply don’t cut it. Labeling must be digitized, standardized and integrated with your manufacturing systems. This is the future.

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NiceLabel helps Siemens Manufacturing Operations to standardize labeling and create a best-practice solution

Find out how Siemens Manufacturing Operations went from a disconnected environment with multiple label printing solutions to a fully standardized labeling operation.

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Manufacturing customers who have transformed their labeling

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Seamless integration with MES and ERP

NiceLabel has a long history of working with the leading MES, ERP and WMS platforms making it easier for customers using these solutions to digitally transform their labeling. We work directly in these systems, creating integration packages that deliver a fully-integrated labeling solution to customers within hours, without weeks of coding, programming and testing.


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Transform to reduce costs, increase speed and agility

NiceLabel technology enables manufacturers to use a single software platform for all printing and marking devices and for all packaging and shipping, from primary to tertiary labeling. With NiceLabel, you can remove time-consuming manual processes, reduce labor costs, streamline quality assurance and get products to market faster.

The result will be a more agile manufacturing operation that will enable your company to compete in an increasingly complex market environment.


Siemens Manufacturing Operations went from a label print time of 8 seconds to 300 milliseconds after integrating NiceLabel with their ERP and MES systems.

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The amount of time it took for Siemens to get their return on investment from software standardization and IT savings.

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Digitale Transformation Ihrer Betriebsabläufe mit NiceLabel

Das Etikettenmanagement-System von NiceLabel, LMS Enterprise,versetzt Sie in die Lage, den Etiketten- und Direktmarkierungsdruck zu automatisieren, indem Sie eine standardisierte Integration mit Ihrem Manufacturing Execution System (MES) an jedem Standort realisieren. Indem Sie Ihre Masterdaten zentralisieren und alle Daten aus einer einzigen, zuverlässigen Informationsquelle beziehen, können Sie manuelle Dateneingabefehler, Fehletikettierung sowie die damit verbundenen Kosten auf ein Minimum reduzieren.

From hard-coding, printer-specific labels to dynamic templates

NiceLabel’s label management system includes an intuitive label designer that empowers business users to create and maintain labels. By moving label template design out of the IT department, you can process label change requests faster and create a more agile manufacturing operation. NiceLabel templates are optimized for over 4,200 printer models, eliminating the need to hard-code templates for each type of label printer. As a result, our customers are able to drastically reduce the number of label templates they have to maintain, which saves time and labor costs.

Establish a single source of truth

NiceLabel’s label management system includes an integration system with seamless support for Wonderware, SAP and many other MES and ERP systems used in the manufacturing industry. This allows you to integrate your label and direct marking printers with master data and establish a single source of truth. By eliminating the need for manual data entry, you reduce labor costs and the likelihood of errors.

Create visibility over label lifecycle management

Our label management system includes a document management system, a digital database of all of your labels that gives you visibility and control of the entire label process. Having a full overview of label production helps you ensure accurate labeling, and provides full traceability of every label printed or marked. Traceability extends beyond printing to include every change request and every system event, giving you an accurate record of who did what, where and when.

Unite all printers on one system

Our label management system supports a wide range of industrial printers used in the manufacturing industry. These include label, print and apply, continuous inkjet, laser marking, thermal transfer overprinters and thermal inkjet. This enables you to work with one label management system that is capable of integrating all your label and direct marking printers with your organization’s MES and ERP systems.

Increase label production speed with automation

The NiceLabel label management system includes an integration module that enables you to build business rules and workflows into the system. With our integration module, print requests can be dynamically changed based on business logic that is applied to inbound dynamic data. By processing the inbound data, the business rules engine can select the applicable workflow to run and execute the logic to perform, such as requesting data from additional sources, changing label data, selecting a specific label template, targeting a specific printer and other workflows.

Extend standardized labeling across the supply chain

Our label management system includes a unique “client-side” web printing system that you can use to extend the same high standard printing solution to your contract manufacturers, distributors and other business partners in minutes. By reducing relabeling and manual quality assurance checks, the system significantly improves the efficiency of the supply chain and reduces labor and inventory costs. The unique “client-side” technology empowers your business partners to configure and manage any of their existing printers.

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Nutzen Sie die digitale Transformation Ihrer Etikettierungsprozesse, um das Wachstum zu beschleunigen

Indem Sie Ihre Prozesse mit dem NiceLabel Etikettenmanagement-System (LMS Enterprise) digital transformieren, können Sie:

  • Betriebskosten einsparen: weniger Quarantänen, weniger Überarbeitungen, weniger Rückrufe und zufriedenere Kunden.
  • Eine schnellere Markteinführungszeit erzielen: Geschäftsanwender können eigenständig und ohne Hilfe der IT auf kontrollierte Etiketten-Änderungsanforderungen reagieren.
  • Produktivität und Zuverlässigkeit steigern: weniger manuelle Aufgaben, optimiertes Lebenszyklus-Management für Etiketten und höhere Transparenz Ihres Etikettierungsprozesses helfen Ihnen dabei, eine effektivere und robustere Lieferkette zu schaffen.
  • Zusammenarbeit und Compliance optimieren : Erzielen Sie einen Wettbewerbsvorsprung durch Digitalisierung und Standardisierung Ihres Etikettierungsprozesses, um die Einhaltung von Verordnungen und Qualitätsstandards in allen Teams, an allen Standorten und bei allen externen Partnern zu gewährleisten.

Wir sind hier, um Ihnen bei der Transformation Ihrer Etikettierung zu helfen

Sie haben die Möglichkeit, das NiceLabel LMS von einer Professional-Services-Group (PSG) konfigurieren und einrichten zu lassen, um die Bereitstellung zu beschleunigen und sicherzustellen, dass das System auf Basis von Best Practices implementiert wird. Das PSG-Team bietet IQ-, OQ- und PQ-Validierungspakete und -Dienste an, um Ihren Dokumentationsanforderungen und behördlichen Auflagen gerecht zu werden.

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Best Practice für die Etikettierung in einem schwierigen Fertigungsumfeld


Best Practice für die Etikettierung in einem schwierigen Fertigungsumfeld

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How Modern Label Management Helps Medical Device Manufacturers

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