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Date: November 28, 2018

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November 28, 2018
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Installation Guides:
Drivers tested on
Tested on:
Windows: 10, 8, 8.1, 7
Windows Server: 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008

Unterstützte Drucker

Bidirectional Das Druckermodell unterstützt bidirektionale Kommunikation. Der NiceLabel Treiber kann Angaben zum Druckerstatus abrufen. Der Status kann gemeldet und in der NiceLabel Software angezeigt werden.
  • Bidirectional TSC TDP-345
  • Bidirectional TSC TTP-243
  • Bidirectional TSC TTP-323
  • Bidirectional TSC TX300
  • Bidirectional TSC TX600


Software latest release notes
Release versionRelease description
Ver.: Added support for new TSC printer models DA210, DA220, DC2700, DC2900, DA310, DA320, DC3700 and DC3900.
Corrected maximum print length limitation for TSC 4M3000P, CN8030P, LP9030P, M080-30P, M-803P, MA3400, MA3400P, MB340, MB340Z, MF3400, ML340, ML340P and TP8030P.
Ver.: Solved issue with driver crash or settings not saved after updating more than than one printer using the same driver model.
Ver.: PEX-1000 series applicators are supported in TSC NiceLabel driver.
Ver.: MB, ML and TDM Series printers are supported in TSC NiceLabel driver.
Ver.: Improved status checking from NiceLabel to show the latest possible value.
Ver.: Improved Advanced TCP/IP port stability and information when logging is enabled.
Ver.: Button "Open printing preferences" is added to the last installation page. By clicking on this button installer opens printing preferences of recently installed printer. 
Ver.: MB240, MB240T, MB340 and MB340T printers are supported.
Ver.: Unprintable area behaviour and backward compatibility was corrected.
Ver.: Improved status checking from NiceLabel to show the latest possible value.
Ver.: Fixed issue with graphics being printed inverse on some labels.
Ver.: Print Test Page button functionality was improved.
Ver.: TSC MH240 printer is supported.
"Test print" button is added to driver's properties dialog. It prints test label to help user adjust printer settings correctly.
Ver.: Updating driver preserves correct stock (paper) names.
Ver.: Fixed issue with errors being reported when creating a date/time variable on models that don't support internal date/time  functionality.
Ver.: TSC MH340, TSC MH340T and TSC MH340P printer models were added.
TSC TDP printer models can print just in direct thermal print mode. Option for print mode is removed from GUI because of that.
Ver.: New printer model MH640 is supported.
Ver.: Removed timeout for TCP/IP connection closure to prevent multiple connections from same printer.
Ver.: New GUI option added: add custom commands.
Ver.: Some TSC printer models can print also on very small labels, so minimum label height is now set to 3mm and not 10mm.
Ver.: Driver for TTP-343C, TA300 and TA310 printer models allow user to create just 3mm high label.
Ver.: Store&Recall for labels with long names were not working. Label was not printed.
RTC barcode concatenation was implemneted.
Ver.: This is completely new driver release, based on new driver platform. The driver was extensively tested with different NiceLabel software versions.

We suggest that you verify existing labels and solutions before you start using this printer driver in production.
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