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Webinar: How Timken Conquered Labeling by Standardizing and Integrating with SAP

Sandy Borchert SAP

For the past eight years we’ve worked with Timken, a global leader in engineered bearings and power transmissions, to help standardize labeling and artwork management across the company’s supply chain. But how and why did we get involved in Timken’s journey?

Labeling and artwork challenges

Before Loftware’s involvement, Timken faced several challenges across its labeling operations:

  • #1 Labeling systems were decentralized. Timken had half a dozen legacy systems spread across facilities around the world, which resulted in a lack of visibility into label designs that were applied to boxes for shipping. Additionally, making changes to label designs was time-consuming and difficult to manage across sites.
  • #2 There was a risk of label inconsistencies. People that managed legacy systems on-site were not experts in labeling and typically had other duties to deal with. This caused label inconsistencies, increasing the likelihood of errors or misinterpretation. Any products with label errors would have to be quarantined and recalled.
  • #3 Master data was disconnected from printing. SAP is Timken’s central source of truth. However, to get data to a label, the company had to move this information to different data sources, resulting in a disjointed process.

Labeling and artwork improvements

Since implementing Loftware solutions, Timken has seen a number of benefits, including:

  • #1 Easier deployment. In the past, deploying printing software to a new facility was difficult, costly, and time consuming. Now, it’s something that Timken can accomplish in an afternoon rather than several weeks.
  • #2 Cost reductions. As Timken moved to a centralized Loftware solution, the business is no longer maintaining separate systems and licenses at each facility, thus saving the company money.
  • #3 Improved label and artwork consistency. Timken has seen a significant improvement in consistency and accuracy across its label and artwork design processes.

Want to learn more about Timken’s journey?

We’re hosting a webinar on 3rd March at 10am EST to explore the improvements that Timken has seen across its labeling and packaging artwork operations. Additionally, the webinar will reveal how the company is leveraging integration with SAP and business rules to meet customer label demands. We hope you can join us!

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