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How Autoliv cut label design time by 50%

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Over the past few years, we’ve been lucky enough to work with Autoliv, the global leader in vehicle safety systems. Our main goal was to help the company solve three problems it experienced when using manual and time-consuming labeling processes for two specific use cases: homologation and prototyping.

#1 Manual processes created a high risk of error. The process of converting label layout files from one software to another produced inefficiencies and increased the likelihood of errors or misinterpretation. Any products with label errors would have to be quarantined and recalled.

#2 The label production process was too lengthy. The software in use at the time created an additional translation of design from one source to another. This doubled the workload needed to create and print labels, costing the company valuable time and money.

#3 There was a lack of standardization across label production. As the company did not have a global labeling solution, each region and facility approached labeling in a different way by using various pieces of software and tools. Not only did this result in a lack of consistency, but it also hindered collaboration across Autoliv teams.

How did Loftware help?

Since implementing Loftware as its labeling solution, Autoliv has seen several valuable improvements:

#1 A 50% reduction in the time needed to create and define a label design.

#2 A significant reduction in quality issues.

#3 They no longer need to design labels twice.

#4 A cost saving by freeing up CATIA licenses that were previously used for label design.

Due to the numerous benefits Autoliv has experienced, the company plans to use Loftware’s labeling solutions to improve traceability and alleviate manual processes.

As noted by Carsten Lemberg, Project Manager Sales & Engineering IT at Autoliv Germany: “Our main goal is to come up with one global labeling solution. There will be room for local processes, but at the end it all comes together in the design tool, which is Loftware.”

Are you looking to improve your labeling process? Find out how Loftware’s labeling solutions work in practice by learning more about Autoliv’s story here.

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