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The issue of allergens labeling is a contentious one, and something that has been highlighted in the media following a series of high-profile incidents. While keeping consumers safe from harm is a top priority, is enough being done to ensure businesses, even independent retailers and smaller producers, are following the right guidelines? And are these guidelines enough?

Currently loose items and those prepared and packaged on site do not require allergen labeling, but this is set to change. The government has recently closed a consultation about strengthening allergen labeling laws but the definitive outcome of this remains to be seen.

Therefore, all producers and independent retailers need to consider how they will manage to produce accurate labels for all the food items they make or produce, on-site or otherwise. They will need to assess the technology requirements as well as the resources needed to do this.

Getting it right can seem like a daunting task, but fortunately solutions do exist to manage the process quickly, easily and with little upfront investment.

A cloud-based labeling solution doesn’t require significant infrastructure investments or specific IT skills to work. It can integrate with any printer, regardless of manufacturer. Additionally, labels can be designed quickly and easily. The solutions also ensure that any label changes are stored and approved in a central location, reducing the possibility of human error and therefore achieving both traceability and compliance requirements.

It is important to get this right now. Not only are labeling regulations set to change, but consumers are also demanding more information about the origins of their food as well as its net carbon footprint. Investing in a cloud-based labeling management solution means that label requirements, now and in the future, can be met easily and without the requirement for any additional investment.

Find out how your business can benefit from cloud-based label management system – visit the Label Cloud page.

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