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Why do you need barcodes for your food business?

Marko Vrbnjak Food and beverage, GS1

The everyday “beep” of the barcode reader at the checkout is something we are all familiar with. But many small to medium sized food producers often think of barcoding products as an expensive burden. However it’s also the best way of growing a business through access to major retailers, while establishing a better known brand.

The food and beverage industry depends on tracking inventory and distribution, and this is best done through barcodes. Any food product that moves along the supply chain (from warehouse to wholesaler/retailer) needs a barcode to be traceable and managed.

Here’s how barcodes improve the supply chain in food retail:

  • Visibility of product movement: Track and trace fresh food consumed, follow and manage shipping and enable better inventory management
  • Enhance food safety for consumers: Production and expiration dates are recorded and tracked
  • Optimize business processes based on accurate product identification: Correct food products are shipped to the correct warehouse, or retailer, at the correct time
  • Ability to sell at big retail stores: Any product with a barcode is ready to go, on the shelf at large retailers

The GS1 barcode system improves efficiency and optimizes every step of product movement along the supply chain, while promoting brand name. To learn more about the GS1 system and how to create barcodes correctly, get your free copy of The GS1 Handbook – How To Barcode Your Product and find out more about barcodes .

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