Getting control of labeling

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It goes without saying that once you design a label, it needs to be printed.  Many companies are experts when it comes to the basics of label design. The part has some businesses scratching their heads is how to best “manage” all of those labels and the “printing process” that goes along with them.

Many companies use “hard coded” or “fixed” label templates, meaning each change results in another template variation being created. As the number of templates grows rapidly, so does the management problem and without an easy way to manage the increasing number of templates and their use, labeling quickly becomes labor intensive and introduces the risk of mislabeling, product recalls and fines.

Fortunately, there are better practices to manage your catalog of label templates. The NiceLabel Label Management System (LMS) includes everything business needs to standardize, centralize and control labeling including a document management system that provides label lifecycle and quality management, allowing business to centrally monitor label changes and create approval workflows. Business users can also visually compare differences in similar templates. This translates into increased agility and management of labeling and ultimately, consolidation of label templates, eliminated mislabeling and less unplanned downtime.

A label management system can also provide oversight of consistent printing process across the entire extended supply chain. Web printing (part of LMS) helps you centrally deploy on-demand labeling applications across all of your workstations, all of your remote locations and beyond to your suppliers, contract manufacturers or 3rd party logistics providers.

Recently, I had the chance to discuss how NiceLabel empowers business users to control labeling using a label management system as well as how we are working with Zebra to deliver a next generation printing solution that allows companies to do more, faster, with less.

For help with managing a growing library of label templates, contact a NiceLabel expert.