How to install NiceLabel Printer Drivers for thermal / inkjet printers?

NiceLabel Printer Drivers are standard Windows drivers, which can be installed using the usual method of driver installation in Windows. In order to make the installation as simple as possible, all NiceLabel Printer Drivers include a special Install Wizard, which will further simplify the driver installation.

  1. Download the driver installation file for your printer brand name from download pages.
  2. Put downloaded self-extractable file in a temporary directory and run it to start the setup procedure. Files will be extracted to C:\NiceLabel Printer Drivers\<your printer brand name>.
  3. Use included Printer Installation Wizard (PRNINST.EXE), which is started automatically, or run Add Printer Wizard from your Windows (Start/Control Panel/Printers/Add Printer) to install the NiceDriver for your thermal/transfer printer.

We strongly recommend that you use included Printer Installation Wizard.

If you have the printer with USB interface, follow the steps 1-2, then do the following:

  1. Cancel the driver installation with the Printer Installation Wizard.
  2. Connect the printer to the PC computer using the USB cable. The cable is usually enclosed with the printer. If having troubles, follow the instructions in the printer User Guide.
  3. Switch on the printer.
    The dialog box New Hardware Found will pop up.
  4. Click the Next button until the step Add Printer Wizard is shown.
  5. Click the Have a Disk button and point to the folder where the files for NiceDriver have extracted, C:\NiceLabel Printer Drivers\<your printer brand name>.
  6. Select your printer model from the list and follow on-screen instructions.

To change the default settings of the printer driver, please select new default values in Control Panel/Printers and Faxes/<Printer name>/<right click on the printer>/Printing Preferences. Changes made here will be applied to every label you will print using this driver.

If you are sharing the label printer in your network environment and want to change the default driver properties for remote users, you have to select new default values in this location: Control Panel/Printers and Faxes/<Printer name>/<right click on the printer>/Properties/Advanced tab/Printing Defaults button.